CombatlogReader Update 04/03/2017

Hello Everyone!

We published a new CLR Update and here are the latest changes:

  • (04.03.2017)
    • Fixed memory leaks
    • Remove CVS export it was to broken by design and actually dont have any use.
    • Remove unused Code and Refactor some parts
    • Fixed InBoundMemory Exceptions when move Minutes between Combats to left/right
    • Rework the way Auto Refresh works to reduce the amount of memory while reading the Combatlog
    • Fix for a bug in Archive function, previously when auto reload was on and a archive file was saved, clr was reading the file again, again and again which have eaten your memory like nuts :>!
    • Fixed a bug where Players accidentally got another invitation.
    • Added CombatLog size detector, when your Logfile reaches 100 Mb you will get a reminder to keep your log small.
    • Added a predetection for Player Class (Tac, Sci,Eng).
    • Added new map detection for “Arena of Sompek”

We’d like to thank all Testers for helping on the beta releases. If there are any problems, feel free to contact us ingame!

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