CLR Beta Version

Hello everyone,

we could need your help to test a new Beta Version for CLR. Its only available as a java version right now and can be downloaded >>here<<.
To get it running, just extract the archive and start it via the combatlogreader.jar file.

Patchnotes Beta

  • Added the possibility to upload parses directly instead of adding a Link to the logfile
    • For this function, we will work together with Uploaded Logfile will be stored there and available to download. We would like to thank our friend Danfai for this service!
    • The Link to the Logfile will be automatically added to the comment from that combat.
  • Improved Profession detection for the German Clients
  • Added Map Detection for several queues:
    • Dranuur Gauntlet
    • Dranuur Beach Assault
    • Swarm
    • Gamma Quadrant Space Battlezone Queues:
      • Hur’q Final Assault
      • Break the Circle
      • Planetary Assault
      • Sinister Gathering
  • Modified Detection of too much damage against the Gateways and Transformers in ISA
  • Resolved exception caused by pets being owner

Feel free to inform us about bugs found below this post, ingame or in our discord!

2 comments to CLR Beta Version

  • Shmendrick  says:

    about this: Modified Detection of too much damage against the Gateways and Transformers in ISA

    Does this mean is it no more Possible to Burst down the Transformer and the Gate to push the DPS and Upload the Parse to get Count in DPS League?

    With the Release from 10.6,why not Reset the League and set a new 1 from 11.6?Some DPS in Ranking from ISA are about from Boosting DPS via Transformer or Gate.

    • felisean  says:

      we decided not to delete the actual one, like we didnt with one a long time ago with isa. all logs with too much dmg against the transformer (and thats what happend in this case) will be removed if we detect them.

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