[CFT] CombatLogReader Beta3 Release

Hello everyone,

Below is a download link for the new Combatlogreader.jar version which we consider as a Beta 3 version. We made some adjustments to the first and second Beta version. (#Note: so far there is the .jar version only for testing available). Please give us some feedback below this post or ingame @miwifbsd or @Felisean.
Big big thanks to @sesug for the support with this version!


Fixes Beta 1:

  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Remove unused Code and Refactor some parts
  • Fixed InBoundMemory Exceptions when move Minutes between Combats to left/right
  • Rework the way Auto Refresh works to reduce the amount of memory while reading the Combatlog
  • Fix for a bug in Archive function, previously when auto reload was on and a archive file was saved, clr was reading the file again, again and again which have eaten your memory like nuts :>!

Fixes in Beta 2:

  • Correct a bug for Combatlog Auto reload.
  • Fix a bug where Players accidentally got another invitation.

New in Beta 1:

  • CombatLog size detector, when your Logfile reaches 100 Mb you will get a reminder to keep your log small.

New in Beta 2:

  • Added a predetection for Player Class (Tac, Sci,Eng).

Fixes Beta 3:

  • Reload bug above 10mb combatlog files fixed
  • Additional memory leaks fixed
  • More code clean up

New in Beta 3:

  • Added new map detection for “Arena of Sompek”



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Happy testing 🙂


7 comments to [CFT] CombatLogReader Beta3 Release

  • whicky1978  says:

    I’ve been using this so far with no issues. I was wondering if its possible to get copies of some ultra high dps combat logs. (100k+) and fast run times. This would be helpful in builds and learning which items in the game have the highest dps. Also do you all make videos of those ultra high dps isa rund and NTTE?

    Also, what are the upload requirements for CCA with STO Combat meter?

    • felisean  says:

      the logs of 160k logs could be downloaded since you need to add a link to it in the comment for the upload 😉

      sometimes we do videos, sometimes not. but lately we didnt published them bc its basically the same as it was some years ago 😉

      clr doesnt have a cca league, we don’t see a point in doing it when you could beat the entity in <1 sec (check our video of this action ^^)

  • whicky1978  says:

    How do I access the latest links?

    • felisean  says:

      the table is in clr itself (league button)

  • whicky1978  says:

    Would it be possible for ComabatLog Reader to work as web page since it is java based?

    • Hellspawny  says:

      Possible… sure. But we neither have the means nor the inclination to do so.

  • whicky1978  says:

    Maybe if there was a way to just run the JAR file in the webpage. I’m looking for a way to run on my iphone and a web base solution might work on a smart phone. Something to do while I have a break at work 😉

    https://netbeans.org/kb/docs/web/applets.html 🧐

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