[CFT] CombatLogReader Beta2 Release

Hi everyone,

Below is a download link for the new Combatlogreader.jar version which we consider as a Beta 2 version. We made some adjustments to the first Beta version. (#Note: so far there is the .jar version only for testing available). Please give us some feedback below this post or ingame @miwifbsd or @Felisean.


Fixes Beta 1:

  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Remove unused Code and Refactor some parts
  • Fixed InBoundMemory Exceptions when move Minutes between Combats to left/right
  • Rework the way Auto Refresh works to reduce the amount of memory while reading the Combatlog
  • Fix for a bug in Archive function, previously when auto reload was on and a archive file was saved, clr was reading the file again, again and again which have eaten your memory like nuts :>!

Fixes in Beta 2:

  • Correct a bug for Combatlog Auto reload.
  • Fix a bug where Players accidentally got another invitation.

New in Beta 1:

  • CombatLog size detector, when your Logfile reaches 100 Mb you will get a reminder to keep your log small.

New in Beta 2:

  • Added a predetection for Player Class (Tac, Sci,Eng).


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Happy testing 😛

3 comments to [CFT] CombatLogReader Beta2 Release

  • Hope  says:

    i couldn’t get the clr too find the patch for combatlog witch is on my d: drive
    so I hade too copy past it that the only bug I found til now.

  • Hope  says:

    I went from defera too ntte it mixed the log so all on defera map was in the ntte log https://www.dropbox.com/s/62a0p7apjy2jqbj/Transdimensional_Tactics_15-02-2017_20-24.log?dl=0

    • Jaquei  says:

      That sounds like your “time between combats” is set too high in CLR (top right corner in the main window) rather than being an actual bug.

      If that’s not the case and said value is already set to minimum (which should be 0.5 minutes) then just ignore this reply.

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