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T2 vs. The Breach Elite (Event Variant)

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Dirty Gateway Dope (T1-Edition)

Hello community!

We’re presenting a T1-ship doing 381k DPS in ISA. 381k gateway doped DPS.
The following video also contains a 186k DPS solo ISA.

Disclaimer: We do not agree with those gateway doping tactics. It was only a theory craft run. Because of that we didn’t upload this “record” to the DPS-League table.

Your DPS-League Admin Team

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S11.5 – Skill Tree Revamp and Strategist Spec Overview

Hello guys, Nandos here o/

There is a lot of excitement around the release of the new Season 11.5 “Temporal Front”, and for that, i decided to make for you guys a quick video about the new Skill Tree and the new Strategist Specialization. This shows,  one-by-one, all the new skills and passives, to give you a global overview of the situation, for who still didn’t see them and didn’t patch the Tribble.

We’re looking forward for 04/12, so don’t miss our future news about it!

ps: depressed background music in, turn off the audio if you don’t like it  😛 

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PvP: NoBS V tournament finished

The PvP tournament NoBS V is over now.

The matches are recorded and portated to Youtube. The moderation was mostly done by RyanSTO and Holofrog.

Thanks to everyone who was involved.


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Hive Space Elite: T2 Edition & ISA 257k record

We are proud to present the next level of Hive Space Elite destruction this time with a full T2 ship team (4x DPS + 1x Healer).
And as bonus material the current ISA 257k DPS record.

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Hive Space Elite: Speedkill & T3 Edition

We are proud to present Hive Space Elite beaten in under 2 minutes and beaten with a full team of T3 ships:

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Crystalline Advanced Speed Run

Crystalline Catastrophe Advanced beaten in under 4 seconds. Also as bonus material 426k DPS in CCA without the starship trait “torpedo barrage”.

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Christmas Edition: CCA and Infected Space 242k


0:20 Crystalline – T1 ship (4 players queueing with one T1 ship)
1:00 Crystalline – “real ship” (4 players queueing)
1:40 Crystalline – premade style (50% replay speed)
2:45 Infected Space – Current DPS and Speed record

The Scimitar build used in that run: >>click<<

Wishing you peace, love and joy this Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Your DPS-League Admin Team


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A Private Audience – Hive Endgame

Into the Hive (Elite) done by only one player:

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Assault on Terok Nor Elite – 2 Men Edition

The new Terran Task Force – Ground Elite Queue finished with all optionals by two players:

Ryan’s Setup in that run.

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