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Assault on Terok Nor Elite – 2 Men Edition

The new Terran Task Force – Ground Elite Queue finished with all optionals by two players:

Ryan’s Setup in that run.

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Battle of Korfez (Solo)

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Counterpoint Elite Solo

Counterpoint Elite Solo done with a Galaxy looking like the U.S.S. Venture (sadly it’s not allowed ingame to call your ship U.S.S. Venture) on a science captain.

Look here for a Walkthrough of that mission.

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Pokemon – White Edition VS ISA

DPS Diamond -presents

Freshly leveled toons,
Only white MK 12 gear, the T5 ship that everyone gets for free and the traits that are build into the character.

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[Walkthrough] Counterpoint (Elite) and Assault on Terok Nor (Elite)

Counterpoint and Assault on Terok Nor are new PvE-Queus, which will come with Season 11. Both are available on the tribble testserver.

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Tank, Heal, 3 DPS vs ISA (T2-Version)

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Counterpoint – Elite with all Optionals

Tribble state as this Mission is not yet released on holodeck.  2nd run on Tribble finishing the mission with all optionals completed.


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5x Annorax T6 Dread VS HSE

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Wait for Pets – Chroniton Ground Edition

The Featured Episode ‘Time in a Bottle’ introduced the Chroniton Jolt Universal kit module. With this the time for the redshirts revenge has finally come.
The Red shirts take on this challenge and complete these Missions only with the guidance of the Officers in that mission.

Chroniton Jolt reduces Captainsabilities Cooldowns by up to 60% (if there are 6 targets within range) and allows for a continual usage of Security Escorts (Red shirts)


Enjoy Watching!

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ISA 233k Run

We are happy to announce the first 233k run.



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