Bug Bowl Winners!

Hello everyone,

here are our winners for the Bug Bowl. Congratulations everyone!

place #1:   @nak3dsnake
place #2:   @plvoy
place #3:   @killermarschmelo
place #4:   @TheKanni
place #5:   @qazokm1
place #6:   @messab
place #7:   @rensha1
place #8:   @melchior#8814
place #9:   @infinitespaces
place #10:   @potf
place #11:   @gamez1999999
place #12:   @peterconnorfirst
place #13:   @thrawnthechiss
place #14:   @wiglaf73
place #15:   @msniveau
place #16:   @admpellaeon
place #17:   @drake122svk
place #18:   @starbase2015
place #19:   @picard170192#5810
place #20:   @rangerrenze#6027
place #21:   @mimefield
place #22:   @tiberiusJP

The draw could be checked >>here<<.

Winners of our secondary goals:

Best Video:

Best Screenshot:

Fastest Run:

  • @Shadow2Light,@potf,@supertigar

Highest DPS:

  • Sci: @potf
  • Tac: @potf
  • Eng: @supertigar

Highest HPS:

  • @supertigar

Highest DPS with the Emerpor’s Sword:

  • @supertigar

Highest DPS Bare-Knuckle:

  • @supertigar

Highest DPS with Mind Meld Device:

  • @supertigar

Highest DPS with Tommy Gun:

  • @supertigar

Highest DPS with Lukari Wrist Lance:

  • @potf

Highest DPS with Ferengi Energy Whip:

  • Shadow2Light

Highest DPS with Plasma Flamethrower:

  • @potf

Highest DPS with Disruptor Flamethrower:

  • @potf

The Prizes will be send out at this evening and people with a choice will be contacted! Make sure to have room in your mails 😉

One comment to Bug Bowl Winners!

  • SeaOfSorrows  says:

    Congrats to all the winners, and thank you all for the great event. 🙂

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