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Breen Plesh Tral Heavy Raider

(Screenshot by @CuChulainn74, Winner of our screenshot contest)

Hello everyone,

here are our suggestions for the winter event ship 2017, the Breen Plesh Tral Heavy Raider. All builds are S13+ builds. Enjoy!

In case there are questions, feel free to ask us here or ingame.

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T5 Defiant, Dhelan and B’rel

(Screenshot by @marcus1105)

Hello everyone,

today we publish some suggestions for discount builds for the free t5 ships we all got from the free giveaway. Enjoy!

As always, all builds work for all professions.

For any questions, feel free to ask us here or ingame!

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Tenore’s S14 Intel Dreadnought – Vengeance Class

(Screenshot by tenore#0775)


today we have the build from one of our players, @tenore#0775. He set some impressive records with his ship lately. And here is his build and a post he created for you:

Hello everyone,

S13 and S14 brought about many changes with the space rebalance and also with some of the new traits and starship equipment available to us through the Fleet Colony holding.  I have spent much of these past two season grinding and testing, in ISA, HSE and in solo Elite patrols such as Japori, Carraya and Gamma Eridon.  I made a conscious shift away from mixed energy and exotic damage builds to focus exclusively on one or the other as the rebalance, in my opinion, really rewards specialization and focus on one specific damage source...

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Hellspawny’s Cannon Avenger

Picture by <a class='bp-suggestions-mention' href='' rel='nofollow'>@Hellspawny</a>

Hello everybody,

there are many reasons not to use cannons on a cruiser. Just think about those “fun” Galaxy X Dreadnaughts with dual heavy cannons and just two tactical bridge officer abilities. But this fun build is different. It’s not the “fun” used to excuse bad builds or poor performance. No, it’s fun in the meaning of shredding NPCs like an angel of death. It’s able to do 110k+ in pug runs and should break the 300k barrier in organized split ISAs. And it really shines in those missions where you take on the enemy head on. Here’s the build:

<<This>> is an older video from the ship in CSA, just to give you an idea of the gameplay...

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aeley’s Fleet Ar’kif Cannon build

(Screenshot by @Aeley)

Hi everyone!

My build for the record run:

And my general mission build:

I didn’t make a lot of changes for the record run.  There are a handful of changes I could make to improve the score further (in theory, at least), although most would require spec changes, and I still mostly use this ship for general missions (for which I like the specs how they are).

I’d like to bring up single cannons.  Pre-rebalance, when I was trying to break 250 with cannons, I came across a ‘critical mass’ with dual cannons/dual heavy cannons, wherein each additional cannon was merely cannibalizing damage from the rest...

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Xindi T6 Ships

Hello guys,

here are our suggestions for the xindi ships, upgraded to T6. Have fun with these great ships.

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Miracle Worker Cruisers

The recently introduced Miracle Worker Cruisers offer some interesting build alternatives. Sadly, the cruisers aren’t available on yet, so screenshots will do at the moment. So please consider this page as work in progress.

We highly recommend the tactical versions as the current meta favors tactical consoles to boost you weapon damage. It also offers the best starship trait from the bundle.

  1. Standard DPS Cruiser Build

    This is a common beam build. Nothing special and more important slightly worse than i.e. the T6 flagship series which clearly offer the better console set.

  2. Entoiled Technology Build

    The Nausicaan three piece set is really made for this ship. A 5/3 weapon layout similar to the Sheshar would be perfect (see that build here), but 4/4 is still ok.

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Na’kuhl Starships



Hello everyone,

here are our suggestions for the mighty Na’kuhl ships. All builds are for Season 14. Enjoy!

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Harvester – An Elachi Sheshar Intel Dreadnaught Cruiser

Hello everybody,

this is my current version of the Elachi Intel Sheshar. I’m able to do >110k DPS with it in ISA PuG runs, even without proper timing of the offensive skills and more or less lazy piloting. 

Although this dreadnaught is one of the rare and expensive promo ships which appeals only to a minority of players, the build itself is quite universal and you can copy it easily to any other 5/3 cruiser, i.e. the Acheros (which btw. is not only incredibly cheap but thanks to it’s versatility also one of my favorite ships), Arbiter, Atlas, Vengeance etc. The Sheshar itself is slow and clumsy. And big. Really big...

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Connor’s NX Cannon Build

(Screenshot by @peterconnorfirst)

Hello everyone,

we’re proud to publish the build from one of our channel members again. He is a very skilled Cannon Escort pilot, doing more than 180k DPS so far. The build is tested and used after the Season 13 launch and performs very well. For Questions about this build you should contact him ingame (@peterconnorfirst). Enjoy the build:

And now a statement from the creator of this build:

Hey guys, Connor here.

Cannon build escorts and beam boats share most of the gear, trait and ability choices we deem right because both use energy weapons. There are however some discrete differences.

Most noteworthy one is the boff ability Cannon: Scatter Volley which works best in PvE to distribute damage with cannons in the front and tu...

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