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Vaadwaur Miracle Worker Juggernaut

Super-secret DPS-League admin meeting.


Hello everyone,

Here are our suggestions for the currently highest parsing DPS ship!

As always, these builds can be used for every profession. Just replace the tactical specific personal trait with an Eng/Sci specific one.

Feel free to comment below or ask us directly via discord, teamspeak or in-game.

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Miracle Worker Battlecruiser [T6]

Gagarin class with Delta Rep T6 shield

Cryptics latest additions to the 23rd-century style refits are the Miracle Worker Battlecruisers. Even though they offer nothing we already have seen on other ships, those battlecruisers are quite powerful and provide an almost perfect bridge officer layout for Aux2Battery cannon and beam builds.

Here are some examples to give you an idea about how to arm them for the current meta. Both the Federation and KDF variant have the same stats and layout. Only the visuals are different. The KDF one also has battle cloak!


Cannon builds rule the DPS tables for quite some time now, so here are two builds for the two most favorite energy damage types. Both builds have identical bridge officer layouts:

Switching the LtC Universal to Engineering mak...

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Fek’Ihri S’torr Warship

Screenshot by @lordsteve1, Winner of our Screenshot contest!

Hello everyone!

Here are our suggestions for this years Winter Event Ship. Enjoy!

The ships could used for any faction and profession.

Feel free to comment below or ask us directly via discord, teamspeak or ingame.

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Research Vessels

(Screenshot by @Morishita, for more awesome screenshots and pictures click here)

Hello everyone!
Here are our suggestions for the new Cross-Faction Science Ship Bundle and the older Nebula Class. Enjoy!


Klingon Defense Force:

  • Equal to the Fed Advanced Research Vessel – Sutherland Class


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Assault Cruiser (T5 and T6)

(screenshot by @Morishita, winner of our Screenshot Contest)


Here are our suggestions for several versions of the famous Assault Cruiser:

If there are any questions or suggestions, feel free to talk with us here or ingame!

Last edit: 17.03.2019

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Romulan flagships (T6-Scimitars)

T6 versions of the romulan scimitar classes are now available in STO and they’re the flagships of the Romulan Republic.

Check our build suggestions out!

Khopesh Tactical Dreadnought (T6 tactical Scimitar)

Flambard Science Dreadnought (T6 science Scimitar)

Shamshir Operations Dreadnought (T6 engineering Scimitar)



Kobayashi Maru Build: >>click<<

The T6 Scimitars are one of the strongest DPS-ships available in Star Trek Online and from a DPS-perspective the science and engineering ones are stronger than the the tactical one, because they have a better bridge officer layout.

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Federation flagships (T6-Odysseys)

The Odyssey class is well known for the Enterprise NCC-1701-F, which is a starship of that class. In 2410 starfleet launched the T6 versions of it.

Check out our build suggestions!

Endeavour Tactical Star Cruiser (T6 tactical Odyssey) : A2B Beams Disruptor [MoD]

                                               and if you like Phasers more: A2B Beams Phaser [MoD]

                                              Or do you like Torpedos?: A2B Beams Phaser with Torpedo [MoD]

Yorktown Science Star Cruiser (T6 science Odyssey) : A2B Beams Disruptor [MoD]

Sojourner Operations Star Cruiser (T6 engineering Odyssey): A2B Beams Disruptor [MoD]

From a DPS-perspecitve the tactical is the strongest right now.

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Tactical Command Battlecruiser


The Tactical Command Battlecruisers (Presidio, Vastam, Ty’Gokor) are nice cruisers and they come with one of the strongest starship trais: “All Hands on Deck”.
That’s the reason why they are a good starting point for a new player, he’ll get a solid ship and that trait.

We are offering a high end build suggestion.

High end:

Presidio [MoD]
(Ty’Gokor has same layout)

Vastam [MoD]


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Herald Ships

With the Season 11 player gain access to three Herald ships. And we have build suggestions for them.

Herald Baltim Heavy Raider Beams [MoD]

Herald Baltim Heavy Raider Cannons [MoD]

Herald Quas Flight Deck Cruiser Beams [MoD]

Herald Vonph Dreadnought Carrier Beams [MoD]


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Science Pilot Escorts

The Science Pilot Escorts are nice little DPS-ships, besides that, they’re funny to fly, because of Pilot Maneuvers.

Icarus Pilot Escort:

Mirror of Discovery [Beams]

Mirror of Discovery [Cannons]

The Klavek Pilot Raptor (KDF) has the same layout.

Jaeih Pilot Warbird:

Mirror of Discovery Version (Beams)

Mirror of Discovery Version (Cannons)


Last edit: 30.03.2019


Out of date: Click here for jays (older) Science captain DPS record build (134K)

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