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Engle Mirror Escort Carrier

The Engle class mirror escort carrier is the latest addition to the infinity lockbox. It’s a versatile escort with a decent layout and a great experimental weapon. The starship trait is a pretty good alternative for those of us who have missed last year’s winter event ship or are flying carriers. 

Here’s our sample build: <<Build Link>>

If you are able to handle the additional speed boost the trilithium-laced weaponry set gives you, you should change the gamma set turret and console and use this set instead. 

And some alternative layouts: 


A phaser cannon build useable for longer engagements. Instead of the 200 Lobi WSE you can also use the cheap Hostile Aquisition.


Another phaser build that is a bit more aggressive and faster. 2 Part quantum set for +15 Acc. 


A fast di...

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