Xindi T6 Ships

Hello guys,

here are our suggestions for the xindi ships, upgraded to T6. Have fun with these great ships.

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3 comments to Xindi T6 Ships

  • Vurilla  says:

    Hi, I’ve got my head around aux2bat, dragon and drake builds but struggling with the current meta for cooldown reduction and chaining abilities. Would anyone be kind enough to link me with some info that could help? Thanks

    • felisean  says:

      I use myself a combination of photonic officer, tactical initiative and strategist myself. others may use a2b or using builds with damage control doffs with 2 versions of faw etc 😉

      so just depend on what you wanna do at all 🙂

      • Vurilla  says:

        Ah cheers for the info mate, time for some research

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