Temporal Ships


With the release of Agents of Yesterday we got a bunch of new ships for new TOs characters and all the Temporal Agents out there. Here are some build suggestions for the new ships!


Have fun with your new ship and if there are any questions, feel free to ask us here or ingame.


As for all builds, the skilltree/ship build work for all professions! Since these are the fleet versions, it would work for the normal versions too!



8 comments to Temporal Ships

  • Shmendrick  says:

    And here if u wanna Fly the Nautilus Like a Sci 🙂


  • Filip Dean  says:

    Alternative to the Timeline Stabilizer and the Lobi consoles?

    • Hyunmoo Sirius  says:

      If you do not have Timeline Stabilizer, it means you didn’t unlock Krenim Science Vessel or failed to do so due to various reasons, Replace it with Reinforced Armaments Engineering console (Mission reward of “Beyond the Nexus”).
      And If you don’t have lobi consoles such as Tachyokinetic Converter and Bioneural Infusion Circuits yet, Change it to Temporal Disentanglement Suite sci console(Mission reward of “Butterfly”) and Assimilated Module console(Task Force Omega Reputation), or Zero-Point Energy Conduit console(New Romulus Reputation).

    • felisean  says:

      And keep in mind, that those b uilds are not upgraded after the S13 nerfhammer 😉
      check out our s13 suggestions too

  • Christopher Peterson  says:

    Your website is vast and very informative. whoever designed this is to be commended.

    Unfortunate I can not find my ship in any of your sites helpful menus.

    Temporal Multi-mission Science Vessel {T6}

    If anyone could help me with this I would greatly appreciate it. I have been playing since the closed beta launched but I am always interested in discovering how to make my ship a tad better 🙂

  • HunkReaper1979  says:

    Would you by any chance have a build for starfleet temporal battle cruiser ranger ship?

    • felisean  says:

      you should check our how to beams and/or cannons guide to get some inspiration. every ship using beams or cannons is basically build the same 🙂

      feel free to join our discord too, in case you have questions, its always faster to ask there 🙂

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