Tactical Command Battlecruiser


The Tactical Command Battlecruisers (Presidio, Vastam, Ty’Gokor) are nice cruisers and they come with one of the strongest starship trais: “All Hands on Deck”.
That’s the reason why they are a good starting point for a new player, he’ll get a solid ship and that trait.

We are offering a high end build suggestion.

High end:

Presidio [MoD]
(Ty’Gokor has same layout)

Vastam [MoD]



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  • Shunkai  says:

    Schön das ihr euch die Mühe gemacht habt Schiffe mit ausrüstung zum anschauen bereit zu stellen! Muss aber sagen unter einem Low Budget Build verstehe ich das man was bereit stellt für neue Spieler die nur die Sachen aus Den Missionen haben. Da kann man schon sehr gute 10k bis 15k builds machen auch ohne Flottenkonsolen und der gleichen!


    Beste grüße

  • Shaun  says:

    Does anyone know what kind of DPS number you can expect with this build?

    • felisean  says:

      Which of them? ^^

      I could say that the highest with a sci and this ship was 310k dps. I guess as a tac you could do 400k++

  • Shaun  says:

    Sorry, I was referring to the high end presidio. Thanks.

    • felisean  says:

      Damn was the wrong ship, thought we were in the flagship section.

      The Presidio is weaker than the flagships but i guess you could do up to 350k+ dps with this ship 🙂

  • Aaron  says:

    Dumb question time, and sorry to bother you excellent people: Why two copies of EPTW? Should your recharge from Strategist not keep EPTW at its global cooldown?

    Next dumb question: Thoughts on running a second TAC in the universal slot, for Kemocite? Ive found (in my limited experience) that a lot of instances have gathered badguys, and resistance reductions are always welcome (similarly, thoughts on Destabilizing Resonance Beam replacing Feedback Pulse and/or Energy Siphon? I find I dont need the energy from Energy Siphon, lack Greedy Emitters) That said, a second TAC means a second TAC Ensign means a dead DOFF power slot.

    Final thoughts – switch DEM I and Aux2SIF III for the reverse? – I find I rarely need the larger heal from SIF III, and it seems to me that in a game with Iconian and Voth DNs (More shields than god) that they frequently die from hull loss before shields are dropped, if enough shield penetrating damage is available.

    • felisean  says:

      Yes, 2 copies of eptw arent needed anymore, a combination of eptw+epte or epts is pretty good.

      a second tac would work too. feedbackpulse (especially with the trait) is just great and shouldnt be replaced, resonance beam is way weaker than fbp.

      and for dem3 a2sif1 or dem1 a2sif 3, both ways work well 🙂

  • Aaron  says:

    I lack the trait, (thought its on the to-do list), but I’ll swap back to FBP on your recommendation. Havent yet downloaded and mastered the tools for parsing, especially by damage source.

    Wouldn’t EPTS step on having up constant EPTW? I suppose if I dropped my Valdore Console, I might want the shield heal from EPTS – but I’m mostly stuck in PUGs, so I’m running a bit more towards survivable focus than a ‘pure’ DPS setup.


    • felisean  says:

      tactical team for one, kemocite for the second ensign as example 🙂

      and with the latest lockbox there will be another one that might be worth it

      and the shared cd between 2 eptw is 30 seconds, but the cd between eptw+epts as example is 15 seconds

  • Aaron  says:

    I meant specifically for that ‘Rank 1 Ability Slot’ – by the time I’m using all the cooldown tricks I learned here, I find I cannot use more than 1 copy of anything, as its constantly thwapping against the global cooldown hard-limit. (Though I run two copies of Engineering Team, just to make certain I’ve -always- got one available).

    That said, I am intrigued by the idea of a new BOFF Tactical Ability. Sadly, I was wrong – the Improved Feedback Pulse trait is -not- on my to-do list. Its attached to a ship that has gone past. Oh, well, gives me more choices for that slot!

    “and the shared cd between 2 eptw is 30 seconds, but the cd between eptw+epts as example is 15 seconds”
    – But when one is running secondary strategist, regularly firing healing BOFF abilities, in threatening stance whenever firing them, does one not find that the cooldown on EPTW is reduced from 30 to 15? I know that when I sat EPTW 2 next to EPTW 1, I never fired EPTW 1, and could have sworn I fired EPTW2 every 15 seconds. Will EPTS not step on that?

  • Aaron  says:

    Or are you saying that EPTW would fire every 15 seconds, and EPTS would fire every 15 seconds (7.5 seconds apart) as each is only causing a 15 second cooldown on THE OTHER, reduced to 7.5 by cooldown reducing abilities? I will have to check on that. Mea Culpa.

  • Aaron  says:

    ((Correction… 22.5 Seconds, as its a base 45 second cooldown – I need to learn more about how exactly ability cooldowns, shared cooldowns, and cooldown reducers interact))

  • felisean  says:

    you could activate eptw only once per 30 seconds. thats the shared cooldown between 2 copies (or one copy with cd reduction) of emergency power to weapons, since it runs for 30 seconds.

    using emergency power to weapons and emergency power to shields will result in having both of them all the time (last for 30 seconds, and the other one could be activated 15 seconds later)

  • Aaron  says:

    Makes sense. One just has to make sure that one is firing EPTS as soon as its ready, 15 seconds after EPTW, every time EPTW is fired – or risk having EPTW locked out during what should be an offense cooldown cycle.

    Man, Im getting all the right buttons on my dashboard in-game, but mastering the timing is a nightmare. I may pick your brain on ‘what order to put things in in your keybinds’ at some point, probably in game – Ive talked here too much already.


    • felisean  says:

      i’m using most of the keys manually, just combined some stuff i use together 🙂

      you might wanna have a look at the example keybind file i’ve uploaded. Might give you some hints but at the end its something deeply personal to put the things on the keys oyu like it 😉

      Feel free to ask one of us ingame too.

  • Aaron  says:

    You are, must be, far faster at the keyboard than I. I currently run 4 binds… ‘constant defense/’cooldown reduction’ with my healing abilities and resist abilities… this one is kept running. one with all my ‘fast cooldown offense powers’, used on any attack run/offense. One wtih all my ‘long recharge/situational’ offense… though I’ll individually click some of those if I only need some and want to save others, and finally an ‘WTF IM DYING’ button that spams all my long-cooldown dont-die stuff. I cant imagine having the skill to manually click everything fast enough

    • felisean  says:

      Thats just a matter of practice 🙂

  • Thulram  says:

    The Impulse Engines on the Low Budget Presidio build is missing.

    • felisean  says:

      thanks for reporting this 🙂
      In this case its the Iconian Engine.

      In case you dont have the Iconian Set so far, go with a elite core from spire with amp and the 3 piece quantum phase set from one of the episodes.

  • evilatredes  says:

    I just started playing, do you have any major/minor changes to these builds? Or are they still pretty much good to go?

    • felisean  says:

      They are a bit out of date. You need to figure in our suggestions for S13. In addition you might wanna tell us which one you wanna fly and we modify the build 😉

  • rebuiltHK47  says:

    I love my Presidio. I will be hard pressed to not use it as my main ship. It was my first ship purchase. There was mention of “flagships”. What are the flagships? I think I know, but I forget.

    Also I wish to share my build and get feedback on it.

    • felisean  says:


      the flagships are labeled as the flagships ingame, aka the t6 oddy for fed side, t6 scimitars for rom and t6 bortas (for all of them including all 3 variants).

      if you need build advice you could msg me or one of the other admins ingame (pc version, @Felisean) via mail or tell 😉

  • Azenomei  says:

    Shouldn’t all these obsolete plasma generator builds be deleted? Over 80% of the builds here are no longer usable.

    • felisean  says:

      Its sadly a lot of work to rebuild all the available builds, but we published a s13 suggestion post with the changes and if you keep them in mind too and use that for the builds they stil work well 😉

  • Eloi  says:

    I would like to see an update of the presidio build, I would also like to see other options such as phaser or antiproton

    • Hellspawny  says:

      Phaser or AP is quite simple, use different Locators and change the Siphon to something else. I.E. Modified Swarm Processor, Approachin Agony, whatever you like.

  • Eloi Arjona  says:

    I’m sorry, I don’t understand you very well, I’m not very good with builds

    • Hellspawny  says:

      Ok, no problem. If you want to use Antiproton or Phaser weapons, just take the same build and replace everything related to disruptors, i.e. the Locator consoles, Nausicaan Siphon etc. Now add your own tac consoles with +Phaser or +AP and other useful universal consoles which add CrtH or CrtD or offer some useful set bonuses.

      As for phaser weapons, take the Terran Taskforce Phaser Beam Array and i.e. Sensor Linked Phaser Arrays (1 Omni) and the Trilithium Omni. Don’t forget the Reinforced Armaments console for the set bonus.

      For Antiproton weapons I’d use a mix of Herald and Delphic Arrays plus the Advanced Radiant Beam from the Iconian reputation, of course with the Sustained radiant Field Console.

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