T6-Dreadnoughts (Yamato, Kolasi, Kara)


Three new Dreadnoughts have arrived. One for each faction.

You can check our build suggestions out:



7 comments to T6-Dreadnoughts (Yamato, Kolasi, Kara)

  • libertyu9  says:

    has anyone parsed these yet?

    • holofrog  says:

      I usually parse the Yamato with 70k-80k, sometimes it’s up to 90k.

      The Guramba and the Kolasi are better ships than the Yamato. They can reach 100k+ way easier.

  • Josh  says:

    Looking at the build for Guramba. Is anything different in the past two years or has it been kept relatively up to date/unchanged? It will take me forever to get the stuff needed. I just don’t want to waste my time going after something obsolete.

    • felisean  says:

      seems to be more or less up to date. you might wanna factor in the suggestions for season 13 🙂

      • Josh  says:

        Will do. Thanks man!

        • felisean  says:

          Oh and thats a highend build. there are a lot of possibilities to build the ship a cheaper. you might wanna check our discount builds too and use some of the cheap/free items we used there till you have all the stuf you need 🙂

  • Dues  says:

    Would this work well with an engineer character? I’ve been looking for a good build for my engineer before I respec but I’ve had little luck finding one.

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