T6-Dreadnoughts (Yamato, Kolasi, Kara)

Three new Dreadnoughts have arrived. One for each faction.

You can check our build suggestions out:

Fleet Yamato Dreadnought Cruiser (T6-Galaxy-X)


Fleet Kolasi Siege Destroyer (T6-Guramba)


Fleet Kara Advanced Warbird (T6-Ha’apax)



2 comments to T6-Dreadnoughts (Yamato, Kolasi, Kara)

  • libertyu9  says:

    has anyone parsed these yet?

    • holofrog  says:

      I usually parse the Yamato with 70k-80k, sometimes it’s up to 90k.

      The Guramba and the Kolasi are better ships than the Yamato. They can reach 100k+ way easier.

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