T6 Avenger/Mogh/Mogai

Hello community,

a good build for the new T6 Avenger (Arbiter) and T6 Mogh (Kurak) (same Shiplayout)

click me

and for the T6 Mogai (Morrigu)

click me




15 comments to T6 Avenger/Mogh/Mogai

  • Shield  says:

    The Avenger/Mogh build seems to miss Deflector, Impulse and Shield… there is just the common iconian one without any mods etc

    • felisean  says:


      yea just use the iconian 4 piece set, its by far the best you could use at the moment. i think it was just easier to choose the common iconian, bc they are always identical and you want them 🙂

      • Shield  says:

        Also the eng consoles are missing the Infos 😛

        • felisean  says:

          basically the same issue, plasmonic as example is always epic, others as high as you can/want atm 😉

  • Gobu  says:

    Hey I was wondering if you could update the bridge officer layout of the arbiter ship build please. Thanks

  • Geol  says:

    For the T6 Avenger (Arbiter) and T6 Mogh (Kurak) (same Shiplayout)

    ( http://skillplanner.stoacademy.com/4c26b8b94e3433b6bca840cf46856f52 )

    The bridge officer layout is empty 🙁

    Can you fix it please if possible.

    Thank you!!!

    • felisean  says:

      Should fix that the next days, looks like its needed to create the complete build again.

  • Odan  says:

    The Arbiter Boffs are still empty?

  • wuascht  says:

    What is the highest parse on fleet arbiter currently?

    • Nandos  says:

      Idk to be honest. Personally, i brought that ship to around 180k, but you can do 200k and more with it.

  • wuascht  says:

    hmm, i brought it to 150k on time, with quite unusuall build (Critd tac consoles and crith doffs and AP Delta Prime) for some reason the critd consoles worked better…, dont know how to get more out of it. do you share your build?

  • Emphatic  says:

    Just wondering if the Morrigu build is up to date, I feel like tach is a bit of a waste with things like delphic and polymorphic probe, Would be curious to find out.

    • felisean  says:

      Yea Delphic Tear Generator is a good choice too, its a great console. Right now i would take the delphic i guess, just because its great and you could buy it from the exchange instead of paying 200 lobi:)

  • ArtyRo  says:

    why herald antiproton [CrtD] [dmg]?

    • Hellspawny  says:

      For the +7% damage proc.

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