This guide should just describe the basics in Star Trek Online’s Space-PvE.
It’s written for beginners and everyone else, who wants to learn more about the game.


Skilltree Suggestion

As you can see all three careers have the same skilltree.

Not all points are spend into those skilltrees, so you have room for your own creativity. If you want to take a torpedo with you, spend some points in projectile weapons. You are using some abilities, which do exotic damage? Then you should put some points into particle generators.

If you want to know, what every skill does, you can take a look into this spreadsheet.

Furthermore there is a Diminishing return in the resistances. That video podcasts explains it.

Personal Traits:

You can choose out of some traits. Some traits are available for everyone and some other depend on the career or the race. There are also some traits, which you can get from episodes and others from lockboxes. The lockbox traits can be very expensive and not everyone can afford the money to buy them. Since the Trait System Improvements went live on holodeck all characters come with some usefull free traits, you can use them, if money for lockbox traits can’t be afforded.

Personal traits are split into two sections: Ground and Space. You have 9 (10 if character is an alien) slots for ground traits and the same amount of slots for space traits.

Traits can be changed in every social zone.

It doesn’t matter, what traits are used for episodes, because the enemies there are weak.

We are recommending the following personal space traits:


  • Anchored (Vaadwaur or Infinity Lock Box / Exchange)
  • Beam Barrage (R&D beam level 15)
  • Romulan Operative / Infiltrator (free) or as Tac A Good Day to Die (Lockbox / Exchange)
  • Fleet Tactician [Profession-Specific] (Voth or Infinity Lock Box / Exchange)*
  • Fluidic Coccoon (Undine or Infinity Lock Box / Exchange)
  • Inspirational Leader (Elachi or Infinity Lock Box / Exchange)
  • Context is for Kings and/or Duelist’s Fervor (Lockbox / Exchange)
  • Beam Training (free) or Superior Beam Traning from K-13 (100k Fleet Credits + ~22k Dilithium)
  • Fleet Coordinator (free)

Non Romulan/Reman:

  • Anchored (Vaadwaur or Infinity Lock Box / Exchange)
  • Beam Barrage (R&D beam level 15)
  • Intense Focus (Xindi-Amphibious or Infinity Lock Box / Exchange) or as Tac A Good Day to Die (Lockbox / Exchange)
  • Fleet Tactician [Profession-Specific] (Voth or Infinity Lock Box / Exchange)*
  • Fluidic Coccoon (Undine or Infinity Lock Box / Exchange)
  • Inspirational Leader (Elachi or Infinity Lock Box / Exchange)
  • Context is for Kings and/or Duelist’s Fervor (Lockbox / Exchange)
  • Beam Training (free) or Superior Beam Traning from K-13 (100k Fleet Credits + ~22k Dilithium)
  • Fleet Coordinator (free)

An alien has an additional trait slot, you can slot “Helmsman” (Tal Shiar or Infinity Lock Box / Exchange) there. Tacticals should use “A Good Day to Die” (Lockbox / Exchange) to get a 50% GDF all the time.

The Profession-Specific trait for engineering and science captains is different than for tacticals. An alternative for that would be “Intense Focus” (if romulan / reman), “Helmsmann” or “Failsafe Scrambler” (Delta Expediton or Infinity Lock Box / Exchange)
In case you need a bite more defense, you could try the Trait “Ablative Shell” (Infinity Lock Box / Exchange)

As a small note: None of the expensive traits is needed to be successful in Star Trek Online’s PvE. You can find more information about traits here.

Reputation Traits:

By achieving a higher reputation, you unlock reputation traits. There are 64 passive reputation traits and 8 active ones. The active ones have to be activated in the mission like all other abilities. So, you have to put them on your tray.

For space missions the following passive reputation traits are recommended:

  • Advanced Targeting Systems (Dyson T2)
  • Precision (New Romulus T2)
  • Energy Refrequenzer (Iconian T2)
  • Auxiliary Power Configuration – Offense (Nukara T4)
  • Enhanced Armor Penetration (Delta T2)

The active ones depend on what you are doing. If you are doing space missions, just choose the ones for space.

Like personal traits, reputation traits can be changed in every social zone.


For Space you should choose intelligence as primary and pilot as secondary. From intel, you’ll get spaceflanking and intelligence fleet. From pilot you’ll get more maneuverability as well as temporary hitpoints in addition to Rock’n’Roll (an immunity). Like personal and reputation traits, specializations can be changed in every social zone.

Starship trais:

Mostly you get them from completing specializations or from the final mastery of T6-ships. Not from fleet T6-ships. Starship traits can be changed in every social zone.

Some usefull starship traits:

All Hands on Deck (Tactial Command Battlecruiser):

Activating a Tactical or Command Bridge Officer ability will reduce the recharge time of Science Bridge Officer and Captain abilities. This may only occur once every five seconds.

Greedy Emitters (Ferengi Nandi – Risa event 2015):

If that trait is slotted activating Energy Siphon, Tachyon Beam, or Tyken’s Rift Science Bridge Officer Abilities grants a buff which grants immunity to energy drain, reduces energy weapons power usage, and increases your subsystem power levels for 10 seconds. This buff may be triggered once every 30 seconds. Use it together with Attack Patterns and Fire at Will, because you don’t have power drain while that trait is active.

Emergency Weapon Cycle (Arbiter/Kurak/Morrigu):

Using Emergency Power to Weapons provides a reduction in weapon power cost and gives a boost to weapon firing speed for the duration of Emergency Power to Weapons

Invincible (Zahl-Cruiser):

While reduced to very low hull, your ship becomes undefeatable for a short amount of time. During this window all incoming hull and shield heals receive large boosts. May activate once per two minutes.

Improved Pedal to the Metal (Pilot specialisation):

+2% All Damage Bonus per 2 seconds spent at Full Throttle (max 10 stacks). All stacks immediately lost if your throttle is dropped.

Supremacy (Vaadwaur Astika):

Cannon Scatter Volley or Beam Fire at Will provide +1 Energy to all subsystem power levels per target hit for a short time. This bonus stacks up to 20 times.

Numerical Superiority (Hestia):

+10%-50% all damage, based on number of allies targeting your target. Hangar pets don’t count! It’s only baseDMG, but still good for plasma explosions.

Reciprocity (Phantom [Fed] / “Year of Hell”-Lockbox [KDF/ROM]):

If you are missed, all cooldowns of tactical and intelligence bridge officer abilities are reduced by 10%.

Radiant Nanite Cloud (Dauntless):

Any hull heal heals additional 25% in a radius of 3km for 4 seconds.

You can find more Traits in the STOWiki.


Most people think, that their ship is determined by their career: An engineer has to fly a cruiser, a science has to fly a science ship, a tactical has to fly an escort. But that is wrong. There is no classical trinity in STO. You can do the content better with more damage, so the tactical outperforms the other careers in every ship, because he has Attack Pattern Alpha, Go Down Fighting and the tactical fleet.

Speaking in general a ship with as much tactical bridge officer abilities, tactical consoles and science consoles as possible is recommended to use, for the reason that they increase your DMG significantly.

Use Vulnerability Locators from the fleet spire in your tactical slots and Plasma-Generating consoles (the ones with plasma explosions) from the fleet embassy in your science console slots. It depends on your bridge officer layout, if you should use the embassy consoles with +EPG or +DrainX (old names: +PartGen or +Flow). Also they are available with increased and decreased threat generation. Usually you should go with decreased threat generation.

Bridge Officer Abilities:

On a romulan character all your bridge officer can have the superior romulan operative trait. But you also should take on superior infiltrator with you. If you own the Delta Pack, you can claim a bridge officer with superior romulan operative and superior infiltrator.
Federation and klingon characters can only have superior romulan operative on their tactical officers. They can be bought in the fleet embassy – the blue male ones.

There are some standardized bridge officer abilities, some of them are supported by duty officers (Doffs).

Tactical Team: You should use two copies of that or, if don’t have enough slots for that, one copy of it with conn officers (2 purple or 3 blue) to reduce it’s cooldown.

Emergency Power to Shields I + Emergency Power to Weapons II or III should be used in combination with damage control engineers (2 purple or 3 blue) to reduce the cooldown of the Emergency Power to Subsystem abilities.

Hazard Emitters: Clears plasmaburn and other hazard debuffs.

If you have more than two tactical abilities, you also should use an Attack Pattern Beta.

Moreover it’s recommend to use your abilities with the keyboard and not to click them. Learn more about that in this video.


You should get deflector, engines, core and shields from the iconian reputation. As an alternative the romulan engine could be used instead of the iconian one. But that’s more for a tactical than a science or engineer. In most cases the iconian 4 piece is better. The 4 piece bonus is like an additional tactical console. But the most important part is the 3 piece. The bonus of that is for energy weapons and for allies within 10km. You’ll get up to +45% baseDMG from it.

Also you want to upgrade your iconian core at least to ultra rare, to get the AMP-modifier on it.

Every ship can be flown with beam arrays + kinetic cutting beam.

Manoeuvrable ships can be flown with Dualbeam banks in the front slots and omnibeams + kinetic cutting beam in the aft slots.

It’s highly important, that all energy weapons are from the same damage type (all antiproton, all phaser, all disruptor, …). Only exception is the kinetic cutting beam, which does kinetic damage.

The damage type doesn’t matter that much. Antiproton is a bit stronger than the other ones, but if you want to use phaser, feel free to use it. A Disruptor setup with the “Terran Task Force Disruptor Beam Array” (Terran Reputation), which increases the damage dealt by that array as target’s hull decreases (up to 200% damage at 25% hull), is a bit stronger than an Antiproton setup.

Your tacitcal consoles should support your damage type. Console – Tactical – Vulnerability Locator Mk XIV [+AP] is a console from the fleet spire to support antiproton, so look for the right modifier, when you are going to buy yours.

All of your weapons (except the cutting beam and if you are using Disruptor the Terran Task Force Disruptor Beam Array) should have [Pen] as a modifier. All combinations of [CrtD]/[DMG] + [Pen] are fine. The [CrtD]x3 [Pen] and [DMG]x3 [Pen] are good too, the efficiency depend on your Profession. But they are very expensive and the difference between those and the mix weapons is pretty low. If you can’t afford some weapons with [Pen] yet, Fleetweapons with [CrtD] [DMG]x3 are an alternative for you. For more informations about weapons check out Hellspawny’s Weapon Damage Calculator.

There are two important universal consoles: The assimilated module (Omega-Rep) and the Plasmonic Leech (exchange or Vandal Destroyer for KDFs). You get +16 energy for each subsystem from Plasmonic Leech with 2 points in Improved Control Expertise.

Universal consoles should be put into engineering console slots, because they’re least important. Tactical and science consoles are needed for damage.

Other good universal console are the Bioneural Infusion Circuits and the Tachyokinetic Converter. They are obtainable in the Lobi store.

Power level:

  • Weapon power: Increases your energy weapon damage.
  • Shield power: Increases your shieldresistances and shielregeneration.
  • Engine power: Increases your turnrate and speed.
  • Auxiliary power: Increases exotic damage, heal and resistances of healing abilities and extends the duration of some abilities. Furthermore it increases the damage bonus from Nukara T4.

As you can see the most important power is the weapons power, than auxiliary, than shield and the least important one is the engine power.

You should make sure, that you reach at least 75 in all power levels because of the Warpcore’s AMP-Modifier. But that shouldn’t be a problem as soon as you get Plasmonic Leech and/or Supremacy.

Here is as an example about power levels on a romulan warbird:


Shield power, engine power and auxiliary power are below 75 in that picture. But it get additional +16 for all subsystems from the Plasmonic Leech and +20 from Supremacy, so 75 will be reached in all systems.
Furthermore weapon power gets additional power from Emergency Power to Weapons and if you use Emergency Power to Shields, your shield power gets additional power from that.

Hopefully this guide was helpfull, if there are any question let us know.

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  • alf  says:

    oO this is a “basic” dps guide ??? thats pay to win high end build .. wtf ?
    a basic dps guide should be with ” normal affordable items .. espacaly for the skills ..not with skills u have to buy for millions over millions in the exchange …

    • holofrog  says:


      thanks for your comment. What do you mean by expensive skills? Do you mean starship traits? Sadly starship traits are expensive, because most of them are from ships. Or do you mean personal traits? If you mean personal traits there is a link in this guide to another guide of us, where you can find more information about traits – also cheaper ones: https://www.sto-league.com/traits/

  • alf  says:

    what i mean is , that most skills u mentioned, are skills u can get with : lobi,dilithium, epic load of credits, or even zen …..for a new player , lets say me , all this stuff u mentioned is definatly NOT affordable.a basic guide, should have “normal stuff, traits, items,skills, in it , where new players can lean on.and not high end , end game items, they will get after months of playing ….this guide dosent cover any questions like : what is better to use, what is more usefull , stuff like : when a ship has 5 for weapon slots, fill them all with energy weapons, or use a torpedo, or for the rear weapons .. what to use a 360 beam array, turrets and so on … a basic guide ….i dont want to smack down your work, ofc not, but this is not a basic guide …for me i can say, iam a returning player after 2 years , and nothing of this guide covered any question i had, nor even is he any helpfull since i cant afford any of this mentionet items of this guide ….and i guess, there are more players like me arround who have the same problem …the link u provided for the skills and traits, did u even read it yourself ? did u see, that 95% of the skills there are from lockboxes,and pay to win stuff ?…imagine for a new player , hjow much credits he need to get those skills, and how much zen/lobi/dilithium he need to get them . a key for a lockbox has a price from arround 4kk in the exchange ( juast as example ) with zen, they are cheaper yea, but who will get and buy zen so much, to get all these skills ?^^ basic, should be basic,not a pay to win guide :)anyway, its definatly a nice guide after all 🙂

    • holofrog  says:

      On the page, which I linked, there is a part saying “Some of the traits above a really expensiv, if you don’t have the money for that, we are recommending the following traits:” with a list of free traits. The starship traits are expensive, because you get them from Zen-store ships. I know they are expensive and no one needs them to be successfull in STO. But if someone wants to get a starship trait, we should offer a list of good ones.
      Regaraading your questions which weapons to use etc., there is a part in this basic-guide which covers your questions: “Equipment”. It says there: “Every ship can be flown with beam arrays + kinetic cutting beam.

      Maneuverable ships can be flown with Dualbeam banks in the front slots and omnibeams + kinetic cutting beam in the aft slots.”

  • alf  says:

    sorry, to ask here, but there is no place to ask stuff at all, anyway i need to ask , iam using the kumari, and atm iam using fleet antiproton weapons, but i think they are not a way to go anymore. i think elachi is the best way, but i dislike these wave stuff, so i think about herold,koalition,voth weapons, but iam npt sure, so any advise on it ?

    • holofrog  says:

      For a tactical captain weapons with any combination of crtd/dmg + pen are good. If you want to use lockbox weapons, which are way more expensive than pen-weapons. In that case I would recommend coalition weapons with crtd/dmg + terran task force array.

  • DLun  says:

    Is there anything special I have to do to view the skills in the planner. Every link I go to shows the skills as not set. Thanks

  • BadBlackLion  says:

    Is this a leftover from the old skilltree?

    • BadBlackLion  says:

      “You get +16 energy for each subsystem from Plasmonic Leech with 9 points in flow capacitors.”

      Is this a left over from the old skilltree?
      Sorry I’m not used to that kind of quotation-tags…

  • Snippa  says:

    FYI the skill trees linked at the top of this page are broken. Changes have apparently been made to the website and the skill trees will not load with the new system they have in place.

  • indytims  says:

    This was a very fun read for those of us who aren’t up-to-speed on a lot of the details that can be missed with all that this game has to offer. Thank you Holofrog and whoever else contributed to it! 🙂 One quick question – I see that it is dated Nov 2015. Is there any chance this will be updated considering changes to the game in the past year? I.e. Is the Temporal Defense rep gear superior to Iconian now? Or is the Iconian set still the top? etc. Thank you again from a noob who found this list very helpful! 🙂

    • felisean  says:


      we updated some parts and iconian set is stil by far the best set if you’re using energy weapons 🙂

      • indytims  says:

        Thank you much, felisean! Much appreciated! 🙂

  • whicky1978  says:

    My Romulan toon has boff, Xanke, with operative and subterfuge. I think he was saying in game mission reward.

    • felisean  says:

      I’m not exactly sure what you mean whicky 🙂

      • whicky1978  says:

        Well I have Xhanke on my boff roster and was sure he was an in game romulan faction reward but I cant find where that would be. Some Romulan boffs come with two space traits, operative and subtrrfuge.

        • felisean  says:

          I guess it was one of the random boff rewards you got. There are assignments too to generate them. Most Romulan Boffs with superior operative have subterfuge too.

  • elim garak  says:

    How is the balance between different weapon types right now for top dps setups? When I played years ago dual heavy cannons with turrets and cutting beam were the most popular, but I just reinstalled the game and now it seems like everyone is using beam arrays.

    • Jaquei  says:

      Yes, full beam setups are indeed by far (i’d say) more popular these days. Reason? There might be several:

      First off, (single-) beams have a 250 degrees firing arc, which is highly beneficial for slow turning ships and in general ships with balanced weapon layouts. Although, beams are mostly used on any ship nowadays because of the ability to hit everything around you, especially using fire at will. And the more targets you hit, the more often certain procs will be applied.

      One could still use cannons + turrets of course, but that is only considerable on well-maneuvring and forward facing ships.
      Additionally, if wanting to use cannons, for DPS i’d recommend using dual cannons and not dual heavy cannons. Why? Because of those lovely plasma explosion embassy science consoles we use. DCs have a quicker fire-rate (more shots per time) than DHCs and therefor apply more plasma explosions to the enemy.

      I hope i could help you so far, but do not hesitate to ask further. 🙂

  • whicky1978  says:

    What are your opinions on disruptor builds and the use of coalition disruptors vs other disruptors? Also was the Pen mod nerfed?

    • felisean  says:

      Pen mod wasnt nerfed, disruptor builds are fine, to use coalitions is good but expensive too 😉

  • Tenore  says:

    Not sure where to put this but I’ve been using the CLR parser and the science skill Charged Particle Burst is showing up as a healing ability rather than a damage ability. Just wanted to pass that along!

    • felisean  says:

      Yes we know that. Right now we’re working on a fix for all the abilties now showing up in the combatlog (all different types of shield reg/drain).

      • Tenore  says:

        Thanks, that sounds good. Hope it gets sorted out soon!

  • Krumple  says:

    I know this thread is old. It has some useful info. I’m not new but also not a vet. I’ve noticed that after grinding out rep for specific ship loadout gear for my play style, I’ve hit the ceiling. I got the set up I set out to get as a goal now I can enjoy playing but for what? I don’t want or need anything that can improve my play style. Sure there might be a ship only obtainable if I drop cash for the life sub. That’s pretty much all that would improve my play style and I’m not sure it’s even worth it because what else is there to achieve? Nothing. End game for me was to get the load out but for what purpose? I can own pve and pvp ques never pop. What else is there? Surely long time players have reached this point long before me, what keeps them around?

    • Hellspawny  says:

      Well, you can try to improve your own scores, play ground missions, take your aim at space barbie, try a different toon / profession, or just take a break from STO.

  • whicky1978  says:

    Ok, I revived my boffs today and some of them sparkled purple. What is this about?

    • felisean  says:

      for boffs just their traits are important. a blue one with superior romulan operative is better than a very rare human as example 😉

  • whicky1978  says:

    I’m still partial to my uhura hologram. 😁

  • Alexis  says:

    Good info. Lucky me I ran across your site by accident (stumbleupon).
    I’ve saved as a favorite for later!

    • felisean  says:

      good luck with it. in case there are questions, feel free to ask here or join our discord 🙂

  • Pacho  says:

    How are these parts holding on in todays game??there have been a few updates.

    Trying to build my setup after this guide, but wondering about ships, currently flying Tactical Command Battlecruiser, but I have my eye on fleet temporal escort since in the text it says have as many tact/science consoles as possible and it has the most from what I have seen?? bad choice?

    • felisean  says:

      several things stil count, others are replaced by other things, maybe its time to update it at some point:)

      if you want an actual look of ships check out our latest published ships (jem’hadar vanguard ships as example)

      • Pacho  says:

        Awesome 🙂 I actually did check out your Fleet Temporal escort 🙂 it differs quite a lot from this dps build though…I have so many questions 😀

  • Krag  says:

    Very informitive…… Im new but Best source of info i have seen so far….Well done

    • felisean  says:

      its a bit out of date tho 😉

      you should defnitly check our latest published builds and discount builds (from the last event ships as example) 🙂

  • Scott  says:

    I’m on console (Xbox), where we don’t have the benefit of parsers. There’s currently some debate going on about whether running two weapon skills (e.g. FAW x2, CSV x2) is more beneficial for overall DPS than running one along with something else in place of the second copy like Focused Assault for the multiplicative bonus damage. I didn’t see this mentioned in your basic guide here, but it is mentioned in your DPS Boat 1 guide. I also saw some builds on this site where one is running one weapon skill (albeit with some CD reduction traits/consoles), while others are running the traditional x2 weapon skills. My question therefore is running x2 weapon skills to reduce GCD still the prevailing DPS build guidance? Or has that changed?

    • felisean  says:

      without a cd reduction method (the usual ones are a2bat, photonic officer + 1 copy of a2b, photonic officer alone) or other major cd reductions for your boff abilities you want to use 2 copies. but its usualy better to choose one of the possible cd reduction methods.

      • Scott  says:

        Thanks! While I have your attention, there are some newer Starship Traits that don’t seem to be included in the “list” of top DPS traits. I was curious if this was intentional, or an oversight? I’m of course referring to Calm Before the Storm and Promise of Ferocity. I see Supremacy and Emergency Weapon Cycle, which are standard inclusions for top tier DPS builds, but there seems to be others that are excluded. Finally, if you’re at GCD with your main skills, does it make sense to be using traits like Reciprocity? And is All Hands on Deck mostly intended to reduce Photonic Officer CD?

        • felisean  says:

          this is an old guide from 2015 or so, not really up to date. you might wanna check our traits guide we published a few weeks ago 🙂

          in addition, photonic officer does not need any cd reduction for itself.

          • Scott  says:

            Thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions. I’ve been a long-time lurker on this site, and have been playing STO on console for several years now. It’s good to see this community is still active, and of course, it’s a great source for build and meta info.

            • felisean  says:

              feel free to join our discord and talk to us directly

  • Joseph  says:

    Is running single copy beam fire at will and stacking 106 percent bonus damage equivalent to running two copies of fire at will. What is the multiplicative of cat2?

    • felisean  says:

      the major question is if you’re able to run a fire mode with their shared cd. for fire at will this is every 20 seconds. so you WANT to activate your fire at will every 20 seconds. the normal cd is 30 seconds. so either you’re using 2 copies (not so good) or some cd reduction (way better, go that route ^^).
      in addition, fire at will modifies your weapons dmg per hit down to 0.9 with fire at will 3.
      bonus dmg and crtd (cat 2) sums up and modify the value than.
      the formula is displayed in our ground damage calculation post, its basically the same for space 😉

      • Joseph  says:

        Lol…I appreciate you. Like Scott, I have also been a lurker here for quite some time. We build very differently on console, specifically tac builds. One of us builds glass cannon, the other for survivability. Managing cooldowns was a recent and stimulating discussion. Photonic officer2 combined with iktomi trait or augs to bat and technitions etc. Lots of ways to build and different realestate options to explore…fun. I have all manner of builds from glass cannon to tanking. Conversations of how to approach the meta from elite ques. Complex and diverse arguments and opinions, also very stimulating. The meta is also very complex and exciting. We no parser here on console so the best Scott, myself and others have come up with is time to kill, which can be very subjective. We come here because you offer a larger toolset and much creativity with our multiplatform community and I thank you for this. Best regards!

        • felisean  says:

          feel free to join us on discord too 😉

  • Scott  says:


    Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I’ve come up with a way to derive parses on console based on PC parses for Elite Japori and Elite Starbase 234. Simply put, if we have the time (from engaging the first enemy to destruction of last enemy) and the parsed DPS from PC, and we run that same patrol on the same difficulty on console, we can plug in our completion time to determine our approximate DPS.

    The formula looks like this:
    (PC parsed DPS) * (PC time) = X (console DPS) * Y (console time)

    I recently cleared Elite Japori in 120 seconds flat on my SCI build. If I had the PC side of this equation, I’d be able to solve for X to determine my relative DPS for that run. Given that DPS is simply a measure of the average amount of damage done over a given period of time, the build used to provide the data won’t matter. All we need to do is run the same patrol on the same difficulty. The only problem is that I can’t seem to find anyone on PC who’s willing to provide that baseline data, and I’ve tried both the Arc forums and the STO subreddit. What I’d need is a parsed DPS and time for both Elite Japori and Elite Starbase 234, since they both pose slightly different combat scenarios. If anyone from DPS League is willing to do this, it would immensely help everyone in my fleet/armada test their builds for Elite content. In other words, it would be a viable work-around until Cryptic gives us something more specific for console players (which is rumored to be in the works).

    On a related note, does anyone know the average minimum DPS threshold for Elite TFOs? I had heard it’s around 100k (non-ISA), but I realize that Elite TFOs can vary in difficulty based on their objectives and respective DPS checks. A ballpark benchmark would be helpful if we ever get this relative DPS idea up and running.

    (If this wasn’t the appropriate place to ask these questions, I apologize. In which case, please feel free to delete the post and Email me directly so that we can correspond offline.)

    • felisean  says:

      you could join our discord, there might be someone being ableto help you out 😉

      • Scott  says:

        I’m not on your Discord because I’m rarely on my PC, which is barely working right now (long story short, it needs to be replaced, but I can’t afford to do that at the moment). And I can’t join Discord on my phone because it’s government issued. In your capacity as a DPS League ambassador, if you were willing to facilitate this on behalf of us console players, it would obviously help us test and develop our builds to reach that next tier of DPS. That cross-platform collaboration would also bring us all closer together in terms of community. Obviously, it’s up to you.

        • felisean  says:

          you could join discord via a browser too, no need to install anything at all 😉

          • Scott  says:

            So the only way anyone from DPS League is willing to help us is if we join your Discord?
            I’ll see if I can get one of my fleet mates to join and present the parse data request on our behalf.

          • Scott  says:

            Our fleet admiral joined your Discord and posted the parse request, but it was apparently ignored. Despite the lack of help, we were finally able to get the parse data we needed from a PC player who streams STO, named Timberwolf. Many thanks to him for taking the time out of his busy schedule to help us out, where no one else would. We are now able to parse approximate DPS on console, which will be critical for build improvement and for definitively determining if a build is capable of Elite content.

            • felisean  says:

              tbh, i dont know where he should’ve asked something in our discord 😉
              and the dps required for elite maps depend on the map.
              for hse as example its like 50k dps per person or so, for ise its like 100k per person.

              but dps done in japori or starbase one does not translate 1:1 to team queues, since you should have a lot of debuffs/buffs running in a team (beta or other resistance debuffs from everyone, tacfleet,…) so you will be most likely higher there

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