Sphere Builder Ships

(Screenshot by @khazam13)

Here are our suggestions for the new Sphere Builder Ships!

If there are questions, ask us here or ingame!

5 comments to Sphere Builder Ships

  • Spica  says:

    Can you suggest a build for Temporal Crossfaction ships such as Wells-class, Mobius-class or Paradox-class?

  • JakeRaines  says:

    i cant help but ask what Mk of weapons do the hanger pets use and if there isnt how do i tell how much damage the hanger pets do without using them first…

    • felisean  says:

      thats only possible to get through a try and error test 😉

      mostly you could choose a frigatte hangar over a fighter hangar (beside the herald baltim raiders, they are shit ^^). In this case you should go for the Elite Arehbes pets (was the name if i remember correctly), but you need to buy the Arehbes Destroyer to unlock them.

      For all Ships the Elite Scorpion Fighters from Romulan Reputation or the Elite Swarmers from Fleet Spire are the choice to go. Some fighters like the epoch fighters for the 31st cent ships are pretty good too, but they are only for those ships.

  • Stuart  says:

    I utilize a Sphere Builder Science Edoulg Science vessel with a Torpedo, Cannon build with Delphic anti proton weapons. I als utilize several very advanced Exotic temporal weapons along with a Delphic tear console, Subspace tear generator, and my gravitation deconstruction field. This along with a voth phase cloak as this ship doesn’t have a lot of escapes. I love it I would to get a Denuos but good luck,

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