Shuttle (Event) Builds

Hello everyone,

here are our suggestions for shuttle builds. The best working right now should be based on torpedos. These are mainly generic builds that could be adapted for other shuttles too since there are quite equal. The Danube itself (and the KDF counterpart) could be bought from the shipyard for a minor amount of EC.

List of great consoles:

  • Aceton Assimilator ( AoE dmg & aoe drain & draw aggro aka meatwall ^^ / Infinity Box)
  • Delphic Tear Generator (Coneaoe dmg / Infinity Box)
  • Defensive Drone Guardians (aoe faw dmg / Lockbox)
  • Dynamic Power Redistributor (dmg buff & heal / Lockbox, expensive for fed)
  • Lukari Protomatter Field (high aoe heal / Anniversary Event Ship)
  • Projected Singularity (Crowd Control / Infinity Box )
  • Ferrofluid Hydraulic Assembly (great for torpedo builds / Terran Reputation)
  • Chronometric Capacitor (great for epg&torpedo builds / episode reward)
  • Bioneural Infusion Circuit (Lobi)
  • Subspace Integration Circuit (Crowd Control&dng / Infinity Box)
  • Point Defense (pbaoe dmg / Zen Ship)
  • Disruption Pulse Emitter (Coneaoe dmg / Lockbox)
  • Isometric Charge (dmg / Infinity Lockbox / Zen Ship)

List of great sets:

  • Iconian (beam build / Iconian Reputation)
  • Quantum Phase (beam build / episode reward)
  • Dyson 3 piece (all builds => high cone aoe dmg clicky / Dyson Reputation)
  • Nukara 3 piece (all builds => high aoe dmg clicky / Nukara Reputation)
  • counter command deflector + 2 piece adapted maco or klingon honor guard (Torp Build / Omega & Undine Reputation)
  • Solanae Deflector + 2 piece Temporal Defense (Torp&Exotic Build / Episode reward & Temporal Defense Reputation)

Good luck everyone!


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