Ship Builds Q&A

We have collected some of the most asked questions regarding our ship builds (in this Q&A some abbreviations are used, they can be looked up here):


Q: Most of the builds have only a few or no points spend in “Structural Integrity”, “Starship Hull Plating” and “Starship Armor Reinforcements”. Why is that?
A: That’s because of the  project “Weekly Project Combat Performance Boost” from your fleet research lab. This project gives you apart from +20% All Damage also +40% All Damage Resistance. With these additional 40% resistance and points spend in one of those skills, you would have trouble to get a good gdf. If your fleet doesn’t run that project, you can think about to spend some points there.

Q: I have problems with dying, because a lot of your builds have only one healing ability. What can I do about this?
A: You can replace the reputation trait “tactical advantage” with “energy refrequencer”, also some builds are using DEM, you can swap DEM with Aux2Sif. Sometimes you also have room for TSS or RSP. It’s often better to start with a more defensive build, till you feel more comfortable with it and then you can replace some of the defensive stuff with more offensive abilities. On federation ships, you can often think about using “Invincible” instead of “Numerical Superiority”.

Q: What’s the reason, why you are recommending FBP, Energy Siphon and Tachyon Beam and why are you recommending threat generating consoles?
A: Those abilities are used to trigger starship traits. FBP is used to trigger the starship trait “Improved Feedback Pulse”, this trait comes the krenim science vessel (anniversary 2016). The other ones are used to trigger the starship trait “Greedy Emitters”, this trait comes from the ferengi nandi warship (summer event 2015).
The threat genertating consoles are obviously used to draw aggro. That is necessary to get the additional CrtH and CrtD from “Improved Feedback Pulse”.

Q: The starship traits “Greedy Emitters” and “Improved Feedback Pulse” are from event ships. What are players supposed to do, if they can’t get them?
A: Threat generating consoles and FBP are not needed, if you can’t get the “Improved Feedback Pulse”-trait. You can use then embassy consoles, which decrease your threat.
If you can’t get “Greedy Emitters” there is no need for Energy Siphon or Tachyon Beam, you can replace this ability with other science ones, like subspace vortex or destabilizing resonance beam, something defensive like TSS could also be used. As you can see, you need at least three science bridge officer abilities if you have both traits (HE + “Nandi-trigger” + FBP), if you have only one of them you just only need two, if you have only one, you should have some room for HE. Because of that, you can switch on some ships an universal bridge officer slot to an other profesion as science. A few examples for that: Zahl-Cruiser (doesn’t need reciprocity, if you change the lt. cmdr. universal to tactical), Presidio/Ty’Gokor (doesn’t need reciprocity, if you change the lt. universal to tactical), Yamato Dreadnought (which still needs reciprocity).Good alternative traits are “Supremacy”, “Invincible” and “Reciprocity”.

Q: From where does the console “Timeline Stabilizer” come?
A: That console is like the starship trait “Improved Feedback Pulse” from the krenim science ship (anniversary event 2016), if you missed that, you are not able to get it. Check the notes of a build suggestion to see, which console could be used instead of “Timeline Stabilizer”.

Q: Quite a lot of your builds are using “Kemocite Laced Weaponry”. It is really expensive, what leads to the question, if it is really needed?
A: Simple answer: No, it isn’t needed. It’s mostly used to fill a tactical ensign slot. Kemocite has some nice debuffing and a bit of damage, that’s the reason why it is recommended, because it is better than nothing. Furthermore it is used to trigger AHOD and “Inspirational Leader”. You can use HY1 as a trigger on an ensign slot. On a tactical lieutenant, “focused assault” could be used as a replacement for kemocite.


More questions may be added in future.