Romulan flagships (T6-Scimitars)

T6 versions of the romulan scimitar classes are now available in STO and they’re the flagships of the Romulan Republic.

Check our build suggestions out!

Khopesh Tactical Dreadnought (T6 tactical Scimitar): >>click<<

Flambard Science Dreadnought (T6 science Scimitar): >>click<<
Felisean’s build: >>click<<

Shamshir Operations Dreadnought (T6 engineering Scimitar): >>click<<

The T6 Scimitars are the strongest DPS-ships available in Star Trek Online and from a DPS-perspective the science and engineering ones are stronger than the the tactical one, becaue they have a better bridge officer layout.

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  • JakeRaines  says:

    i know it might not be related but since this is where the highest DPS ship is im gonna ask my question

    whats is the highest DPS ship available to federation players?

    • Profile photo of felisean felisean  says:

      the highest ships for fed are t6 sci oddy and krenim warship

      • Hadrian  says:

        Hi,is the t6 sci oddy better than t6 tac oddy without Greedy Emitters and Improved Feedback Pulse?

  • Profile photo of felisean felisean  says:

    yes, because of console layout, boff layout and sensor analys on the sci t6 oddy 🙂

    • Hadrian  says:

      Thanks you for the quick answer of my question. I have the same question about the T6 Scimitars. Is the t6 sci Scimi stronger than t6 ops Scimi without Greedy Emitters and Improved Feedback Pulse?

      • Profile photo of Hellspawny Hellspawny  says:

        The Sci Scimi is the #1 DPS ship in the game. Most of the leagues top scores were done with it.

  • Raptor2442  says:

    I am a new player with Romulan Tac officer. Would the science version remain the best DPS potential above the tactical or engineering versions? If so, what is pushing either to the top of the damage food chain? Same question for my son who plays a Romulan engineer. Thanks

    • Jaquei  says:

      Yes, the Flambard (T6 science scimitar) currently has the highest DPS potential available for romulan captains.
      1. It has a decent boff layout which already features a Com. tactical and a Lt. Com. science.
      2. It comes with five science console slots => possibility to slot five embassy plasma explosion consoles.
      3. In general the three piece flagship console set including the tactical flagship computer, the engineering console (frgot it’s name) and the timeline stabilizer from the krenim science vessel (sixth anniversary event ship). These console and their setbonus are extremely strong.

      The choice of using the flambard but results from point #1 and #2.

      I hope this helps, if you got additional questions, just go ahead. 🙂

  • Imryn  says:

    Hi, I have a couple of questions about the build for the Flambard.

    1. The Lt. Eng Boff has EP2E1 (engines) – should that be EP2W1?
    2. In the notes you mention that if the “improved feedback pulse” ship trait is not available to use “supremacy” instead. In the build both these traits are already selected – is this a typo?

    I have been following your advice and builds for a while now, and have seen some great results – 67k in CC advanced using one of your earlier builds for this ship. I am a terrible pilot so any good results must be down to your builds!

    • Profile photo of felisean felisean  says:

      Hi, tanks for your questions 🙂

      1) no, epte + eptw is the combination. You could use eptw+epts too or double eptw but that double eptw is normaly not needed anymore because of the strategist cd reduction.

      2)Thats a relict from an older version i guess. Thanks for pointing that out. In case you have the trait “Improved Critical Systems” it would be my prefered possiblity. It was a reward from the TOS Temporal Agent event. In case you dont have that one you could use “Target Rich Enviroment”. That trait ist from the Vengence so for romulans from the equipment pack. Another possibility would be the Exotic Damage boost from one of the 31st Cent Ships called Exotic Modulation.

      Good to hear that you see improvements, just keep going and you will see more 🙂

  • Imryn  says:

    Sorry to bug you but I have another question about the Flambard.

    I don’t have “greedy emitters” so I was thinking of using “supremacy” instead (I do have “improved feedback pulse”). To complement that I was thinking of putting a Tac in the universal ensign station with FAW1 to give an additional trigger for both AHoD and supremacy and help with uptime on feedback pulse.

    What do you think? is there a better option?

    • Profile photo of felisean felisean  says:

      One Faw is normaly enough with all the CD reductions we got lately. So you have always a shared cd of 20 seconds for FAW. So you activate faw and faw is going on a 20 seconds cd while running for 10 seconds. So basically its always Faw 10 seconds => non faw (10 seconds) => faw (10 seconds) and so on 🙂 The trick is just to have it always rdy and to use your attack pattern beta and kemocite together with your faw to maximise the effect.

      And yes, supremacy, ahod, ewc, improved feedback and zahltrait is quite common. if you want less defense you could switch zahl to oneo f the other traits mentioned in my last post.

  • Imryn  says:

    lol just saw your reply when I posted. Thanks for getting back to me, and thanks for the great suggestions.

    I now have a lot more thinking to do 🙂

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