Neela’s Jem’Hadar Vanguard Warship for HSE

(Screenshot by @peterconnorfirst)


Hey folks, Peter here.

With the release of ViL Felisean pointed me in the direction of the new Jem’Hadar Vanguard Warship which is really a cannon player’s dream come true in PvE. 5/3 weapons layout, a Lt. Commander Miracle Worker station, escort like maneuverability and the new wingman mechanic make this ship stand out. It fits perfectly into the current aux2bat + Cold Hearted hype taking care of all cooldown requirements from a high ranking Cannon: Scatter Volley down to the Miracle Worker powers. Hellspawny has made use of them in past ISA records and given the available options the presented build has Narrow Sensor Bandwidth and Mixed Armaments Synergy selected. The former should make cannon players feel right at home as it feeds of close proximity to a target while giving a bunch of accuracy at the same time. The latter is triggered by the Trilithium-Enhanced Omni-Directional Phaser Beam Array which is picked here instead of the turret to complete the bonus of the respective set.

While in ISA and most other PvE Cannon: Scatter Volley feels always best as central offensive ability the second part of HSE consist of single targets with massive hit points. Therefore the presented build gives the option to use Cannon: Rapid Fire as well if the situation warrants it (left over Tac Cubes, Unimatrix Ships and Queen’s ship). Aux2bat again makes this option truly selective.

As an elite map Hive Space confronts a team with more incoming damage than usual, especially if the player’s style is aggressive. To counter that Neela’s HSE setup has a few subtle but effective PvE defenses. Besides everyone’s favorite Dynamic Power Redistributor the Protomatter Field Projector can dish out a considerable heal for yourself as well as a disciplined team in close proximity. The healing aspects of the new colony Energetic Protomatter Matrix Infuser are worth to consider as well. There is also a single Voth Antiproton turret installed which has the ability to reduce the critter’s damage output depending on your critical hits. A powerful heal bonus on the Jem’Hadar Vanguard ships is also the new wingman mechanic with their Structural Reinforcement Maneuver.

Since an aux2bat build with three technicians doffs can make frequent use of engineering powers the personal trait Give Your All begins to shine. Invincible also helps with the random incoming damage spikes. With the Bio-Molecular Shield Generator, Deploy Sensor Interference Platform and even the Quantum Singularity Manipulation the players of a team can get instant pressure relief without sacrificing offence. While I found these highlighted defenses in my Diamond HSE groups suffice there is also the option to use powerful traits like Honored Dead or Shield overload if more tankieness feels needed.

Here is the build:

In the end HSE will remain a balance act between offensive and defensive capabilities of a team but as James T. Kirk once put it: “Risk is part of the game if you want to sit in that chair”.

Last but not least I would like to use this opportunity to thank Felisan, Hellspawny, Flocki and the rest of the admin team for the wonderful guidance they offer to the STO community and for giving us this fun League to play in.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting all!

– Peter

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16 comments to Neela’s Jem’Hadar Vanguard Warship for HSE

  • Victory  says:

    no second console to create DPRM 2pc bonus 33% cat1 dmg, why ??

    also why this here Universal – Weapon Sensor Enhancer cuz it seems like wasted slot to me since there is so much better console to slot there

    also why this Universal – Hydrodynamics Compensator over MCER that would buff your damage more and it would also buff dmg that your KLW does

    also it seems like you totally overdid it with accuracy since you have it from 3 console and NSB

    also why Lukari console over Console – Universal – Reiterative Structural Capacitor that offer far more healing specially in stuff like HSE

    build looks decent but this really stands out as a choices here cuz I think for those 2 console slots you have so much better option that those 2 consoles that seems like a waste to me

    I know I asked a lot of questions here but I hope you can answer them all since I am also considering making a build on warship

    • peterconnorfirst  says:

      Hey there.

      – DPRM 2pc is something I use on most builds standard (also on Neela in ISA or other pve) but decided against it in HSE as something had do go for the Lukari console which I need for my team and me.
      – Weapon Sensor Enhancer is currently my second to favorite console on cannon builds, besides the massive acc bonus (which works with CSV/CRF) u also get some kinetic/phys resist over it which simply helps too much not to blow up in there. 😛
      – I don’t know if MCER over Hydrodynamics Compensator is something to consider; I do use it that way on my torp build but on the 200k+ runs in HSE the influence of kemo on an energy setup was something like 5k only where i have no idea how much worth it would be to push it.
      – I have not yet considered the Reiterative Structural Capacitor, thx; I look it up and try to weigh its possible benefits over Lukari. So far the Lukari did its job superb in the Diamond teams I run with.

      I hope to run a lot of more HSE maps in the future, 238k so far is a nice start. If I find any changes in gear prudent there on my runs I’ll update the build accordingly so thanks a lot for your questions and input. 🙂

      • felisean  says:

        For the Sensor Enhancer, i guess i need to clarify a bit.
        There is the function of acc overflow which result in +1.25% crth and +5% crtd for 10 points accuracy overflow. and this work with cannon rapid fire and cannon scatter volley. For scatter volley it work at least for the primary target but since its not that random as faw, you will always benefit with this console. bottom line like peter said, its one of the best console for cannon ships right now.

        for the 2 piece hydrodynamics vs dynamic power redistributor.. it depend on the amount of bonus dmg buffs you have. if you’re only in esd orbit as example and switch those, the displayed dmg gain will be higher from the hydrodynamics 2 piece over the dynamic power 🙂

        and last one would be the lukari console over the reiterative, beside the lukari console being super strong (shield and hull ^^), its an active thing. so if you activate it, you and your allies will get the hull reg. for the reiterative you actually need to get shoot at to heal for more than 500 per second which couldnt be the case. thats why i personally prefere the lukari over the reiterative.

        hope that clarifies things a bit.

    • Kyusoath  says:

      Weapon sensor enhancer is one of the best cannon consoles in the game and you think he shouldn’t use it? Educate yourself on what acc is.

  • Casualsto  says:

    The fact that people come with relative knowledge and ask questions is not a bad thing. Educating what acc is is somewhat of a condescending one-liner. Accuracy is primarily useful to hit moving targets. The overflow implies a large difference between the def value of a moving target in our case and the accuracy rating of the shooter during the firing cycle. That translates into an attacker firing accuracy rating having the defense rating of the target decreased and for each 10 difference, 5% crtd and 1.25crth should be the number. At a 30-40 difference, it’s an entire console extra boosting those. And if you use Hostile Takeover console, you also get a good clicky-debuff for a large target.

    Let’s just keep it friendly and help others improve their performance without going head to head. Everybody can learn and improve. The difficulty of the queues has scaled up in ViL and even ISA becomes a challenge nowadays in a PUG run. So we should invest in teaching and improving at the fastest pace.

  • Victory  says:

    but that console is 200 lobi so it is expensive, while on another hand you have Ferengi console from DS9 lock box that offer more acc bonus and huge debuff as active clicky and it is cheap too

    also dont you already have huge acc bonus as it is with skill tree, DOMINO and NSB

    • peterconnorfirst  says:

      Hello again. 🙂

      At MK XV epic the Weapon Sensor Enhancer grands over 40 additional acc which surpasses the Hostile Acquisition console. Sure you can take the latter as substitute if the Lobi console is out of reach. As Feli and Casualsto elaborated overlapping acc directly translates to damage via crits thanks to the overflow mechanic. Unlike beams it works with the firing modes on cannons. In short, more acc is more acc on cannon builds especially if you can grab it with single items that put accuracy worth over four respective weapon mods on every gun on your ship.

  • Janeway  says:

    any idea on if/when they will fix mas?

    • felisean  says:

      I have no idea what you mean to be fair

    • Tenore  says:

      MAS has been bugged for CD with A2B since the MW ships were first released; it adds another 10 seconds to the CD once the CD reaches zero when using A2B for CDs. No idea on a fix but it’s not even an acknowledged issue despite multiple bug reports.

      • Tenore  says:

        MAS = Mixed Armament Synergy

        • felisean  says:

          i think thats not an a2b issue at all. its more an issue with the ability itself, since it’s doing the same when you have equipped 2 of those abilities. seems more like a problem with the shared cd with itself

          • Kyusoath  says:

            i don’t use a2b but i thought i was seeing things with the cooldown going up on MAS. maybe this will be fixed in the patch that fixes acc overflow with faw.

  • Pepperman  says:


    Thanks for sharing your build with us. One of the things I truly love about this site is the depth of knowledge that resides here and the willingness to help other players learn and thus get better. Its one thing to duplicate a build but something altogether different is explaining the rationale for going this route or that. Personally, I find that very valuable.

    • peterconnorfirst  says:

      Oh thank you very much for the kind words! 🙂

      I agree, for me this site is also the main source of build information right from the start back in 2015.

      Feli and Spawny were particular helpful on the warship as they use similar setups for HSE and recent ISA records. There is also always the room to experiment. While the colony console might help a bit I found that in really strong groups they are not that much needed while the Voth turret on the other hand massively seems to pay off. Especially if more in team bring it. While for mixed armament synergy the resulting CD we have atm is indeed a bit long I still feel that one gets out of it quite a punch for very little sacrifice in that lt. slot. Let’s see what the future holds here.

  • Casualsto  says:

    The build is indeed a strong steer into the more practical building, not the top-dps nannied run records. Using this kind of build ensures both utility, dps and survivability, all in a single pack.
    What makes it really good is that it incorporates smart stuff to increase the paperplane’s survival : Combo-ed EPTW+a2b with Give it all trait – just an example.
    The fact that people like Peter share these kinds of builds helps a lot.

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