Nando’s Baltim S13 PvP Build

Hello everyone, Nandos here.

I’m happy to publish my Herald Baltim Heavy Raider PvP build i’m using at the moment in Arena and Kerrat. I know, it’s not a DPS build, but hey, PvP is there, even if it’s a very little part of the game. Some of you guys would like to fly some Arena or CnH with a competitive configuration, so this one may be interesting  😉 

This is a 5x Dual Heavy Cannons CRF build able to make very high damage hits on target within a short frametime, very useful to neutralize the enemy in a short burst. Also it’s very speedy since it runs the new Competitive Engines and its 2pc Space Set, and it uses some defensive setups that you will see in a moment. 

Of course, that’s not meant to be the perfect build or the best configuration possible out there, that’s just what I can afford at the moment and what I want to advise you guys, since i saw this one to be competitive against PuGs and Teams, with or without team support it can leave the mark of its teeth on any target. 

Here you can see my ship in action in a quick Arena i made 3 days ago:

And here you can check the build of the “RRW Super Sayan”:

  • Nandos PvP S13 Baltim Raider
  • (in the video i was using the fleet shields, but i recommend to use the Iconian shields ’cause of its debuff cleaning effect, it can help compensating the loss of ST for debuffs)

Feel free to ask any questions regarding the build here in the comments section or in game @NandoPC


ps: if you have the possibility to use this build on an Alien Romulan toon, that would be FAR better. As you can see, i’m using this full rom toon since that’s what i have, but if you want to maximize the potential, do it on an alien rom toon 😉

pps: some items and traits aren’t available at the moment on stoacademy, so check the notes as well

7 comments to Nando’s Baltim S13 PvP Build

  • weaselone  says:

    I’m assuming the additional trait is the reason you’d go for the Alien toon. Any particular trait(s) in mind.

    • Nandos  says:

      Yes, you’re right.
      Well, in this particular case, I’d slot Superior Cannon Training. Other good pvp-related variants could be Secret Command Codes, Failsafe Scramble, Superior Elusive or Coalition Starship Tactics. For sure there are many other good ones around, but i don’t have a perfect memory 😀

  • Skillzz  says:

    Are your weapons ACCx3? What else do you run for accuracy?

    • Nandos  says:

      At the moment I’m using [Ac/Dm] [Acc]x2 [CrtD] [Pen] on normal APs, and [Ac/Dm] [Acc]x3 [CrtD] on Heralds.

      Basically, you want to have your Acc values as high as possible. I recommend at least 30% as base bonus on weapons, then boost it up with Sets and Passives.

      In this case:
      -Advanced Targeting Expertise into the Skill Tree, that means +15 Accuracy Rating
      -Superior Accurate into the Personal Space Traits, that means +15 Accuracy Rating
      -Intense Focus, that means +1.5 Accuracy Rating for a max of 4 stacks
      -Inspirational Leader, that means at most +30 into Targeting Expertise Skill (+4.5 Accuracy Rating)

      You can boost the Accuracy with other things, like explained in this page:
      Or with Counter-Command Deflector Array, or Omega one.
      Hope it helps.

      • RE | Yoda  says:

        Not to forget about superior predictive algorithms.
        Aux2Bat makes reciprocity obsolete and creates place for some other trait. This could be superior predictive algorithms, superior pedal to the metal, jhec trait, miradorn trait…depending on whether you need accuracy, pen, all damage boost or whatever else.

      • Hyunmoo Sirius  says:

        And one more thing: Son’a lobi set console, Weapon Sensor Enhancer, increases +40 Acc Rating at MK14 Epic.

  • Coalcracker1  says:

    Hi! Is this just for augs to bat builds? I have a jem’hadar Recon ship. Been debating respec for something…maybe pvp. I have most but for the Starship traits. Have deep EC pockets for changes to my build. I don’t understand warp core efficiency spec in your build though I do understand ups equates to dps. DrainX? Could use some advice. Playing on console… Thank you for any attention regarding this.

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