Miracle Worker Flight Deck Carrier – Constitution-Class

Back in the 2250s, the Constitution-Class was build to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and to boldly go where no man has gone before. Of course, also our Klingon and Romulan friends wanted some attention from the Federation. But now we are in the 25th century, Klingons became our friends and other enemies knock on our doors. But is a 160-year-old starship still a threat or only a, admittedly somewhat expensive, nice old pleasure boat?

This little thing is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It comes with very strong beams and it can equip cannons. We want to give an idea of how to arm this ship for future battles. The KDF variant has the same stats and because Klingons are still a bit shy, it also comes with a Battle Cloak.


Let’s start with beams since this ship comes with pretty good phaser beams.
This one is a pretty simple and standard A2B Build.

If you have problems with dying or just want a bit more defense you can swap EPtE for EPtS and get RSP III with the Doff instead of Mixed Armaments Synergies III

Cannon builds rule the DPS Score quite a while now. We’d like to show you two ideas on how you can build a Cannon boat. One variant is more offensive the other one a bit tankier.

This one is the more offensive version. There is almost no difference to the beam build, you just use Scatter Volley II instead of Fire at Will III and swap Torpedo High Yield I for Beam Overload I.

This one is pretty much the same deal like with the beams. If you use RSP III don’t forget the matching Doff to extend the duration of RSP and you are almost invincible (unless you park in a warp core breach which is never a good idea)

Personal Space Traits
Here’s a list with some useful traits. Which one you use depends a bit on the mission.

Fleet Coordinator (free) 
Superior Beam/Cannon Training – Basis version for free, superior version obtainable at K-13
Inspirational Leader (exchange or Infinity Lockbox) 
Duelist’s Favor (exchange or Infinity Lockbox) – more interesting for cannon builds 
Into the Breach (exchange or Infinity Lockbox)  
Point Blank Shot (Episode: House Pegh)
Terran Targeting Systems (exchange or Infinity Lockbox)
Context is for Kings (exchange or Infinity Lockbox)

Recommended race/profession-specific
A good day to die (Exchange or Infinity Lockbox) –  Great for Tacs
EPS Overload (free) – Kinda must-have for Engs
EPS Manifold Efficiency (free) – Very useful for Engs
Photonic Reinforcement (exchange or Infinity Lockbox) – Great for Sci Captains
Romulan Operative (free) – Only for Romulans
Infiltrator – mandatory for Remans on Warbirds

Other helpful traits
Fluidic Cocoon (Exchange or Infinity Lockbox) – Only if you got hit by torpedos
Give Your All (Lvl 15 Engineering R&D School) – for fluffy captains
Repair Crews (Exchange or Infinity Lockbox) – another anti-fluffy trait

Space Reputation 
Advanced Targeting Systems (Dyson T2)  +16% CrtD on Rank I or +20% CrtD on Rank II
Controlled Countermeasures (Temporal T4)  +addtional DMG against controlled targets => Only for A2B Builds
Precision (Romulan T2)  +4% CrtH (I) or +5% CrtH (II)
Tyler’s Duality (Discovery T4)  +CrtH depending on your hull capacity
Tactical Advantage (Dyson T2) – more debuff
Magnified Firepower (Gamma T4)  +5% DMG (I) or +6,3% DMG (II)
Enhanced Armor Penetration (Delta T2)  +5 Armor Pen (I) or + 6.3 Armor Pen (II)
Energy Refrequencer (Iconian T2) – more heals 
Starship Traits
Highly recommended
Emergency Weapon Cycle (Arbiter/Morrigu/Kurak)
Withering Barrage for Cannons (Valiant/Malem/Kor)
Redirecting Arrays for Beams (Tucker/Tebok/Klothos)
Entwined Tactical Matrices for Beams and/or Torps (Gagarin / Qugh)

and then choose 3 of them:
Weapon Emitter Overdrive (Vaadwaur Juggernaut)
Cold-Hearted – Must have for A2B (Breen Plesh Tral Heavy Raider Winter 2017/18)
Superior Area Denial – If you don’t have A2B or the raider or as an addition (Mirror Universe Engle-class Strike Wing Escort/Infinity Pack: Starship Trait)
Vaulting Ambition (Styx Terran Dreadnought Cruiser)
Promise of Ferocity (Thozyn/Vandros/Xechas)
Calm Before the Storm (Cardassian Intel Flight-Deck Cruiser)
Improved Critical Systems (AoY Event)

Build suggestions
If you want to use cannons, just replace the beams and add for example the console Hostile Acquisition.
This is a standard build and you can use it in almost every situation.


Post and Build by @flocki3

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