Miracle Worker Battlecruiser [T6]

Gagarin class with Delta Rep T6 shield


Cryptics latest additions to the 23rd-century style refits are the Miracle Worker Battlecruisers. Even though they offer nothing we already have seen on other ships, those battlecruisers are quite powerful and provide an almost perfect bridge officer layout for Aux2Battery cannon and beam builds.

Here are some examples to give you an idea about how to arm them for the current meta. Both the Federation and KDF variant have the same stats and layout. Only the visuals are different. The KDF one also has battle cloak!


Cannon builds rule the DPS tables for quite some time now, so here are two builds for the two most favorite energy damage types. Both builds have identical bridge officer layouts:

Switching the LtC Universal to Engineering makes it possible to use EPtW3 and two of the best miracle worker abilities, Narrow Sensor Bands (NSB) 3 and Mixed Armaments Synergies (MAS) 3. This layout is very similar to what we use on the Vadwaaur Juggernaut or Jem’hadar Warship, but sadly cruisers don’t have a commander tactical. If you want to make your ship a bit more tanky, use EPtS instead of EPtE. You should replace Beam Overload with FAW when using Superior Area Denial as one of your starship traits. 

This build definitely is a tankier version for missions like HSE or if you’re struggling to survive. Sadly there’s no place left for Mixed Armaments, so you should switch the omni-beam for a turret on the Phaser build (see below).  Reverse Shield Polarity 3 plus a matching fabrication duty officer will net you 28 seconds of invincibility (almost, never park in warp core breaches). 

Personal Space Traits

Here’s my personal list of useful space traits for energy weapon builds.  There are some good traits which I’d slot in certain missions like the Maru event, but this list is about daily DPS stuff.

– Fleet Coordinator
– Superior Beam / Cannon training
– Terran Targeting Systems
– Duelist’s Fervor
– Context is for Kings
– Inspirational Leader

Very useful:
– Hive Defence
– Fluidic Cocoon (only if you actually get hit by torps)
– Point Blank Shot
– Give Your All (dodge damage)

Situationally good:
– Superior Accurate (if your Acc is quite low)
– Repair Crews (if you need more survivability)
– Maquis Tactics (great for Warbirds)
– Anchored (only if you’re not flying around)
– Deft Cannoneer (only if you have problems with sliding around)

And of course the profession and race specifics:
– A Good Day to Die (very good for Tacs)
– Nadion Bypass (must have for Engs)
– EPS Overflow (very useful for Engs)
– Romulan Operative (very useful for Romulans)
– Infiltrator (mandatory for Remans flying Warbirds)

Space Reputation

– Advanced Targeting Systems (CrtD)
– Precision (CrtH)
– Magnified Firepower (Weapon Damage)
– Controlled Countermeasure (if using Aux2Bat and Cold-Hearted) or Tactical Advantage (Debuff)
– Energy Refrequencer (Heals)

Starship Traits

I highly recommend the following traits:

– Emergency Weapon Cycle
– Withering Barrage (Cannons) / Redirecting Arrays (Beams)

and 3 of those:
– Weapon Emitter Overdrive (from the Juggernaut… if you own it, you’ll use that ship anyway)
– Cold-Hearted (always useful)
– Superior Area Denial (same)
– Vaulting Ambition (from the Styx)
– Promise of Ferocity
– Calm Before the Storm
– Improved Critical Systems

Duty Officers

Since all of the featured builds use Aux2Battery as their mechanic for cooldown reduction, three technicians (Aux2Bat variant) are mandatory. Use at least 2 very rare ones and one rare to get the maximum uptime.
Don’t forget to use your skills first, then activate Aux2Bat to reduce the cooldowns. 

This leaves us with 3 open positions. Some suggestions:
– Energy Weapon Officers for additional CrtD and / or CrtH
Quite expensive if you want to buy the ones with 4% chance. But blue ones will do, too. I’d take both.
– Fabrication Engineer to extend RSP’s duration.
The vr one will add 8 seconds. Only use one if you actually slot RSP.
– Agent Nerul / Ayal
This doff comes from the Delta Operation Pack and causes your Attack Pattern Beta power to restore a small portion of your hull when firing energy weapons. Not too bad to have an additional heal.
– Emergency Con Hologram
From the Phoenix box. Lowers Evasive Maneuver’s CD by 85% when you use EPtE. Use him to get more speed. Don’t use him, if your build just has EPtS/EPtW.

There are a few others that may be useful, but these are the ones that are found in almost all DPS ships.

And don’t forget to use Neal Falconer and Eldar Malik’tan in your ground roster. These special unlocks also increase ‘space damage’.


Intel and Strategist. Great for energy weapon builds.



Here’s the Phaser build. There’s no real surprise, we use all the cool stuff this energy type has to offer. Terran Taskforce Phaser DHC, Phaser Quad cannon, a sensor-linked DC and a wide-arc DHC plus the Prolonged Engagement DC. If you don’t have one or more of the ‘special’ cannons, use some sensor-linked or crafted dual cannon instead. The rear weapons are mostly for set-bonuses, gamma-reputation and counter-command turret, Trilithium Omni.
Deflector / Engine / Warpcore and Shields are well known: Elite Fleet Intervention Protomatter Deflector Array from the colony (I use  [ColCrit] [EPG] [HullCap] [Sh/HullCap] [ShCap] as mods), Prevailing Fortified or Innervated Impulse Engines plus Prevailing Innervated Resilient Shield Array and the good old Elite Fleet Plasma-Integrated Warp Core from the Spire (Mods: [AMP] [ECap] [Eff] [SSS] [W->A] [W->S] ).

The console setup is pretty easy to guess, 4 Vulnerability Locators (Phaser), the 3 matching set consoles for the rear weapons. The C-C Multi-Conduit Relay also boosts kemocite-laced weapons, Ordnance Accelerators adds 36.3% to Phaser damage and the Reinforced Armaments boosts EPS, hull cap and regeneration. The Dynamic Power Redistributor Module is probably the best Heal / Damage console in the game, sadly also quite expensive for Federation captains. D.O.M.I.N.O. is just great for all energy weapon builds, even better for Phasers as it adds another +15% to this weapon type. Bioneural Infusion Circuits is the best Lobi console, Tachyokinetic Converter is useful to buff your turn rate and adds CrtH and CrtD as does the Assimilated Module.

In case you can’t afford the expensive Lobi consoles or weren’t around for D.O.M.I.N.O. you could use
– a second console from the Synergistic Retrofitting Set 
– the cheap Approaching Agony (+15% Phaser, 1,5% CrtH)
– Temporal Trajectory Shifter (50% Haste for max. 15s)
– M6 Computer (Haste, All Damage, Accuracy)
– Magnetohydrodynamic Fusion Expulsion (+15% Phaser damage)
– instead of the Multi-Conduit slot a 5th Locator and add the Hydrodynamic for the 2 piece set
or something for your survivability like the Protomatter Field Projector (for the space-poor also a good replacement for the DPRM) or Regenerative Integrity Field.


The Disruptor build is quite similar to the Phaser one. Terran Taskforce DHC plus four Spiral Wave DCs, Martok Omnibeam, CC heavy and sensor-linked turrets. Same engine, deflector, warp core and shield. Identical tactical consoles (Disruptor of course), DPRM plus point-defense, CC Multi-Conduit Energy Relay, Martok console, Assimilated Module, Bioneural, and Tachyokinetic or the Nausicaan siphon console can be replaced with something else, i.e. D.O.M.I.N.O. 

The Spiral Waves are awesome weapons, if you don’t own them, use sensor-linked, coalition or crafted disruptors. 


And now to a sample build using Disruptors. Any energy type will work, though. 

Besides equipping beams this build is almost identical to the cannon one. Terran Taskforce, six Spiral Waves and the Martok Omni as weapons, same gear as mentioned above. 

If you don’t own the DPRM or Point Defence, take a different one from the set. No Domino? Use Timeline Stabilizer or M6 Computer. Spiral Waves are too expensive? Try sensor-linked, Coalition, crafted ones. Or just use the T6 Romulan Rep. Disruptor beam plus Zeropoint console. 

Bridge Officer skills are slightly different, too. No MAS here, if you want to use that skill, you should run the complete Nausicaan Set and use something like the Polaron Build below. But having RSP 3 is awesome.


A slightly different build for the friends of Polaron weapons. This one is quite similar to the one I’m using on the Vadwauur Juggernaut. It uses canons, beams and a torpedo, all you need for a true miracle worker build. 

The armament consists of the Morphogenic Energy Torp and Turret, 3 Dominion Polaron DCs (that’s three times Boldly They Rode), Advanced Piezo-Polaron DC, the Gamma Rep Polaron and Chronometric Turret. Can’t stand Boldly They Rode? Upgrading Dominion Polaron too costly? Use Vadwaaur Polaron or crafted ones instead.

Same Engine, Deflector, Warpcore and Shield as above. Consoles are four Polaron Locators from the Spire, Morphogenic Matrix Controller, Piezo-Electric Focuser (Lukari 2 part set bonus).  D.O.M.I.N.O., Gamma Rep console, BIC, Assimilated Module, DPRM. Nothing really exotic. I wish we could also use the Chronometric Capacitor, but it’s a tactical console and a Locator is still better. Supercharged SIF Conduits acts as a placeholder, you can take one of the other universal consoles I mentioned above, Tachyokinetic, RIF, Protomatter Field, M6, Timeline, whatever.

Slightly different BO Layout:

Pro tip: In the WFP phase, stack your buffs for the Hyperactive Morphogenic Enhancements buffs and start with +6% CrtH, +30% CrtD and +22.5% weapon damage.

There’s not much you can do to add more survivability besides changing EPtE to EPtS or adding a defensive console.

The traits for this build are just slightly different:
– Super Charged Weapons
– Emergency Weapon Cycle
– Withering Barrage
and 2 of those:
– Weapon Emitter Overdrive (from Juggernaut… if you own it, use it)
– Cold-Hearted (always useful)
– Superior Area Denial (same)
– Vaulting Ambition (from the Styx, very good vs. enemies with high HP)
– Promise of Ferocity
– Calm Before the Storm
– Improved Critical Systems

Same personal space and space reputation traits as the cannon builds above.



  • Why is there no Weapon Sensor Enhancer or Hostile Aquisition slotted? 
    Miracle worker ships have really high accuracy ratings when using Narrow Sensor Bands. But the accuracy overflow (into CrtH and CrtD) shows diminishing returns. Here’s a spreadsheet to toy around. Both consoles are great on cannon builds, there is no doubt about that, but here I don’t think they are useful.
  • Do these ships work with Tetryon or Plasma builds?
    They do. Just add matching set and reputation items. I’m not using these damage types, so I refrain from giving detailed advice.
  • What Mods should I use for my weapons?
    Mathematically it really depends on your entire build and team. Dmg and CrtD are your best choices and with the ever-increasing CritH we have, I’d favor CrtD.
  • My Captain is a Science / Engineer. Which Build should I use?
    The same. It doesn’t make any difference what career your captain has. 
  • Skilltree? I need a skilltree!
    Use this one as a sample and tweak for your own needs: Spawnys Random Aux2Bat Skilltree
  • Do you like the ship?
  • Should I buy it?
    Buy it if you like a hard-hitting Federation style cruiser or a Discovery Klingon one. You’ll only need the fleet version for 5 fleet modules (~70m ECs).  If you buy the C-Store Version you’ll get a ship that levels with your lower ranking toons and a decent skin.
    In the end, it’s your money.
  • Do you guys get paid by Cryptic?
    Hell no. 
  • If I copy one of the builds, will I become a better player?
    No, you’ll just have a decent build. 🙂


Version history:


2019-02-19 1st Edition by Hellspawny
2019-03-03 Added DOFFs and Specializations

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69 comments to Miracle Worker Battlecruiser [T6]

  • borgdp010  says:

    thx hellspawny – yet another awesome guide.

    A question regarding disruptor/polaron builds from a discount perspective:
    I’m a fan a beam arrays/omnis so for disruptors the full nausicaan set could be seen as optional.
    Does a polaron beam build makes sense without! the 2/3 piece set bonus of the morphongenic armaments?

    Cannons I like to use for long range bombardement (like borg cubes) with possible tanking, while beams are sometimes inevitable against small, fast moving targets (hurq) where you constantly have to move.

    • Hellspawny  says:

      A beam ship with the Nausicaan set will also work nicely. Just use the beam ship as a basis, add TS2 instead of Kemo2 (move that to ensign), MAS3 is also an option. It will take some fine tuning to fire the torp to get the maximum out of it.
      What makes the Polaron build so great is the Morphogenic 3-part bonus. But sure, you could drop the torpedo and make it a pure cannon build.
      Moving with cannons is not too hard. I’m using my mouse wheel for throttle adjustment, this makes back paddling so much easier when I need to get into a better firing position.

      • borgdp010  says:

        thx hellspawny.
        when does a dmg console makes more sense instead of a crth/crtd console?
        Example: deconstructive resonance emitter.
        the emitter has 15% phaser dmg boost while BIC, tachyo converter or assim module boost crth and/or crtd.

        At which ratio does xx dmg make more sense than xx crth/crtd rate?

        • Hellspawny  says:

          There are two ways to answer this question. One is to write an essay with several formulas and the other is a rule of thumb. I prefer the latter…
          In general, equipment that adds crit chance/severity and bonus damage is by far more valuable than stuff that adds just +x% Phaser / Disruptor whatever damage.
          This holds true when you follow the ‘unwritten’ rules for shipbuilding like filling tac slots with locators, use Romulans as bridge officers and so on.

  • H8wine  says:

    Reading above about alternate consoles for those that don’t have domino, what about Temporal Trajectory Shifter? Or is M6 just strictly better?

    • Hellspawny  says:

      Any console which adds to your damage output is fine. And if it offers some passive buffs, even better. Sustained Radiant Field is also a candidate for the list.

      • H8wine  says:

        Ya, methinks it didn’t word that right. I was more asking about a comparison of TTS vs M6 as a replacement for domino, sorry.

  • ayke  says:

    I could realy use engi and science console names, im returning player and i am a bit confuset about all those shortcuts.. ;P

  • Casualsto  says:

    I like this new format type of builds with interaction, explanation, faq and answers.

    I got the ship and I’m eager to test it. It’s like a mw vengeance class. No pets, but more mechanical prowess. And uglier ship, more or less.

  • Casualsto  says:

    Judging by that document that you’ve provided, assimilated module mk xv > hostile acquisition.

    The accuracy overflow seems to be really bland and overflowing accuracy through multiple sources leads to a bonus that’s lesser than a damned assimilated module. The assimilated module has a 5 weapon power to overcap, 10 crtd, 1 crth and some ctrlx (26+).

    So basically these accuracy bonuses are useful just against moving stuff that gets struck by bfaw or csv to ensure that you won’t miss considerably.

    • Hellspawny  says:

      Yeah, having a high accuracy (>80) is always nice to have, more always helps more. But the diminishing returns on overflow are hefty. Also using a Targeting Lock battery with an active NSB3 is not the best idea.

      • Heath  says:

        So what is a “good” about to have on a ship without NSB? Is there a minimum to always have?

  • Croder  says:

    Question: (and apologies if it’s an obvious one) but why slot Beam Overload on a cannon build?

    • Hellspawny  says:

      All cannon builds use an omni-beam for a) a set bonus an b) Mixed Armaments Synergy. So it also makes perfect sense to use a bridge officer ability that boosts the beam’s damage. My favorite is Beam Overload but FAW 1 is also an option. I like overload because it hits hard and makes more sense if you use colony consoles, it can be activated ever 15 seconds. FAW might be better for Superior Area Denial, but CSV alone should be enough for it’s uptime. If you don’t want to use a beam ability, there are only a few alternatives, i.e. Distributed Targeting or Align Shield Frequencies.

  • Croder  says:

    Thank you, that makes perfect sense, was looking at the polaron cannon build at the bottom and counldn’t see an omni on it so I was wondering if I misunderstood something. Thanks for the awesome builds by the way, learning lots!
    Also, any advice on boffs for those of us without the vanguard ones?

    • Hellspawny  says:

      Some alternatives:
      – the Hierarchy Sci one from the Alliances mission (Pirate + Efficient).
      – a Nausicaan engineer with Pirate (Diplomacy T4) isn’t bad either.
      – a Lukari Eng from the Colony gives +10% outgoing shield and hull healing
      – Cardassians (DOFF assignments, exchange) add a small Weapon Damage Bonus, Accuracy Bonus, Defense Bonus

      Here’s a pretty good overview: https://sto.gamepedia.com/Special_bridge_officer

      • Croder  says:


    • felisean  says:

      and for the omni, its the morphogenic energy weapon that could work as an beam or turret 🙂

  • john  says:

    What DOFFS to use with these builds?

    You wrote “Weapon Emitter Overdrive (from the Juggernaut… if you own it, you’ll use that ship anyway)”

    So the Juggernaut is the best DPS ship currently available? Or what do you mean with “if you own it, you’ll use that ship anyway”

    • peterconnorfirst  says:

      Yep the Jugger is currently considered to be the peak of DPS ships we have in game.

      The presented builds display an aux2bat boff layout for CD management so 3 doffs should be technicians who grant the respective cd. When you see EPtE at ensign the conn officer who clears evasive maneuvers cd upon using it is a good call. The AP beta doff that heals you is also a prudent choice when available. Remaining places are often filled with energy weapons officer increasing crit stats for energy weapons. 🙂

      • SeaOfSorrows  says:

        The version with Reverse Shield Polarity slotted also likely uses the Fabrication Engineer to extend the duration of that ability. The Purple Variants are pretty costly, but you can usually get by pretty well with a Blue.

      • john  says:

        Awesome, thanks so much. Very clear.

        PS: Regarding the Juggernaut, what woould be the best DPS build for that? And would that be a cannon or beam build (or something else)?

        • Hellspawny  says:

          Juggernaut builds are almost identical. Add another locator and drop the Siphon or Tachyo. BOs are a bit different, you use Scatter Volley 3, plus miracle Worker stuff on the Commander tac/MW, 2 EPtX and Aux2Bat 1&2 on the Ensign and LtC Eng. The Tac/Intel gets OSS3.

          • john  says:

            MAS 2 and NSB 2 or MAS 1 and NSB 3? Or is that equal?

            • Hellspawny  says:

              In general, NSB is considered the better one of both skills, because it also adds accuracy. But it really depends on how close you are to your targets. If you prefer to fight them from greater distances than ~5 km, MAS might be the better choice for you.

  • whicky1978  says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Eloi  says:

    Does it make sense to build a phaser build with the console and torpedo of the set house of Martok? is to get credit bouns for carrying two objects of this set
    The tactical command battelcrusier is one of my favorite ships, do you have any updated built for this ship with the new consoles?

    • felisean  says:

      no. for a phaser set you will use the trilithium omni or turret + console instead of house martok 2 piece 🙂

      the gear used for the tactical command battlecruiser will be equal to the gear used for these ships, skilltree/traits too. just the boff layout might be slightly different by 2-3 skills 🙂

      • Eloi Arjona  says:

        Ok, What do you recommend phaser oh disruptor? I’m a little new to the game

        • felisean  says:

          at the end its totaly up to you which one you prefere. both are more or less equal while phaser is a little little bit ahead. but you defnitly need t6 reps to get to the full potential. disruptors sets could be finished earlier.

        • Casualsto  says:

          Disruptor or polaron are the most budget-friendly energy weapons for you. There’s plenty of rewards towards that in the story missions that can also be replayed.

          The phaser is the top type now, but it’s a real work to get up to the optimization of a phaser build on a budget. To say it plain, in the time that you optimize a phaser build at reputation level (t6), you already got the disruptor one ready to go at mk XV (for the fore weapons) with all the stuff you need.

      • Heath  says:

        On a phaser beam build with PEP, TTF, and trilithium omni w/console replaceing the martok what would you replace the Nausicaan console with? Timeline Stabilizer?Tachyokinetic Converter? Zero-point?
        Also Sensor-linked are currently the best, but how much would I lose if I switched to crafted pen or pulse for space barbie reasons? would they drop below spirals?

        • Hellspawny  says:

          Switching to crafted / pulse phasers would cost you 2% CrtD per weapon. It’s nice to have them but space barbie is more important. Spiral Wave disruptors, on the other hand, are the second best weapon type in the game. Only the Terran Taskforce Phaser and Disruptor are better. Sensor-linked are far behind.

          You can replace the Nausicaan console with i.e. Tachyo, Approaching Agony, Quantum Phase converter. The first one is pretty expensive, the second one cheap and very good, the third is a decent mission reward. The timeline is also great for a short dps boost.

  • Angryfatguy  says:

    If possible can the rear weapons be gone over I am super new.

    • felisean  says:

      as far as i could see its already written in the text 🙂

  • John  says:

    Why Aux2Bat?

    I noticed for example that MBWHISCOOL did not use A2B in his record runs.

    • Hellspawny  says:

      When you don’t want to use a debuff like cold-hearted yourself and you’re playing fast missions, there are several other methods of cd reduction available. But none is as simple and reliable as Aux2Bat.

    • H8wine  says:

      MB didn’t use A2B in the record runs simply because they are nanny runs. The average run is between 28-38 seconds, and between using Tac Ini and calm before the storm, he doesn’t need any more cdr in the short time the run takes. In pug runs he runs either dual a2b or the new single bat/PO1 build, or in rare cases he uses a tanky toon, he just uses cbts and AW procs for his cdr.

      Nanny run builds are designed differently then normal pug runs simply because of the speed in which they are done, and almost useless in normal content.

  • Dan  says:

    What a great build! This answered almost all of the questions I had about how to build out my own FAW phaser Fleet Gargarin. The only question I have is about the devices. Which ones are shown in the screenshots? Also, would you suggest using Fleet Support or one of the use-from-inventory devices like Phased-Waveform Beacon or Beacon of Kahless?

    • Dan  says:

      I found the picture of the epic device, it’s the Temporal Negotiator, which appears to be a limited time only item, and no longer attainable. Are there any other devices that should be used instead?

    • Hellspawny  says:

      Thank you. The best pet device is the Delta Alliance Reinforcements Beacon from “Broken Circle”. Sadly it has a very long CD. Beacon of Kahless is ok, but the FX is hard to bear. Phased-Waveform Beacon has a short uptime. And Nimbus Pirates provides some healing but has a low damage output. Personally, it’s either Delta or Fleet Support for me.

      The Temporal Negotiator is awesome, some more or less useful alternatives are Red Matter for an Energy Boost, Deuterium for Speed / Turn, Nukara Web Breaker (Damage, expensive), Jevonite Hardpoints (great for HP, runs 10 minutes), or Reactive Armor Catalysts Pack for temp HP.

  • SeaOfSorrows  says:

    So, I am running a Qugh using an AP Build. I know.. it’s not ‘the best,’ but he’s been AP for a long time and has all Epic Gear so I have just carried on. Anyway, I am currently using all Cannons with the Assimilated Module/Kinetic Cutting Beam, but I am curious of my KCB will proc Mixed Armaments. The 2pc is ok, the only reason it’s there is to proc MAS. You think I would be better off just going with the Trilithium 2pc just for speed tweaks? I am leaning that way, I just want to see if anyone knows if the KCB procs MAS.


    • SeaOfSorrows  says:

      This is the build, if it helps – https://skillplanner.stoacademy.com/ea6f6d115b5a3892e8911893541dc5f5

      • Hellspawny  says:

        The KCB does not proc Mixed Armaments. I’d use i.e. a delphic omni or the trilithium set. Fire-cycle haste, speed, EPS and buffs to HP/Regen are always nice to have. You could also experiment with the ancient omni and the obelisk core.

        • SeaOfSorrows  says:

          I suspected as much.. seems the KCB isn’t much use for anything these days. I had not considered a Delphic AP, I was unaware of the existence of the Omni. I will either go with that or the Trilithium for the speed. Thanks for the info, it’s been very helpful.

  • Ben  says:

    What is that ship device?

  • totempo  says:

    Hey, one (newb) question: I just got the ship from the zen store but mine got only 3 tactical consoles not 4. Did i buy the wrong ship? And how should i start equiping the ship when i just recently hit 65 and want to go for a phaser beam build (it makes my inner trek fan happy)?

    • felisean  says:

      the one with 4 tactical consoles is the fleet version of the ship, since you bought the ship already you need 1 fsm and some fleet credits (and a fleet high enough to buy it).

      use +phaser consoles for the tac slots (rare-vr mk xi/xii ones) or if oyu have the resources the locator or colony consoles directly, get a few universal consoles for the other slots, episode rewards like the quantum phase console (+beam), lockbox consoles like the approaching agony, the 2 piece (omni+console) from the episode beyond the nexus, the regnerative crystal matrix shield from one episode para parcem, a colony deflector (fleet draanur colony, ~10k fcredits + 8.5k dil or so), a spire elite warp core (fleet spire same resources) and grab a engine from somewhere.
      include some beams and here we go.
      do not upgrade yet if you’re playing the pc version, there will be an upgrade weekend soon, so save your resources for that!

      hope that will help a bit. in addition you might wanna check out our discount builds section

      • totempo  says:

        Thanks man, that actually helped a lot! I got most of the stuff, still working on the consoles though.

        I got myself so far:

        quantum phase converter (+ beam array)
        trilithium laced one (+ 360° beam)
        assimilated modul (still working on the cutting beam)
        approaching agony as you said

        the rest is turn rate stuff or neutronium alloy (since i saw that in the discount builds)

        would it make sense to replace these with something from the exchange or reputation system? i found a reddit thread about consoles and they suggested ie plasmonic leech. would that make sense in your opinion? or should i just get an eps modul?

        thanks again for all the help!

        • felisean  says:

          yes plasmonic leech is stil a good console
          in addition you could add the zero point module, in case you’re not useing a2b the temporal disentanglement (epsiode butterfly i guess) are all good choices. maybe add 1 eps console (mk xii rare or so ;)). or you could use some “oh shit” consoles for healing, decent ones are reiterative structucal capatcitor (phoenix box token) or shared processing unit. in case you’re anything but a fed/fed, defnitly get a dynamic power redistributor

          • totempo  says:

            cool, thanks man! i got a plasmonic leech and will have a look if i need that “oh shit button”.

            another question on the firing circle and the gear requirements on that: i am trying to run a2b with apb and fire at will:

            I am popping the apb and faw and then the 2 a2b, but when faw runs out the cds aint done yet. so i guess i lack cdr since my doffs are too low quality? would it be a good idea to get one of these Bio-Neural Gel Pack to compensate for that?

            • felisean  says:

              try to get at least 3 rare one, better 1 very rare 2 rare. than you should be fine

            • SeaOfSorrows  says:

              There will always be a small gap of down time with FAW no matter what you do. FAW only lasts for 10 seconds and has a global cooldown of 15 seconds which cannot be reduced. The question of how much more cooldown you need really depends on how long you’re waiting for FAW to become available again. The lowest you can get the cooldown is 15 seconds, there is no way to get it lower. If you have 3 purple techs, that should do the job but you might be a couple seconds short if you’re using lower quality officers. Rather it’s worth it to slot a console like Bio-Neurals to shave off that extra second really kind of depends on your overall build. You will have to decide rather it’s worth sacrificing a precious console slot rather then just waiting until you can get Purple Techs.

              If you own the Tactical Miracle Worker Cruiser, you can also try slotting the Re-directing arrays trait to try and extend the duration of FAW. Since it only procs when you’re under fire and taking damage though, this can be a little unreliable.

              • Totempo  says:

                Thanks for all the help guys!

  • Totempo  says:

    Hey guys, one more question : When I am going for a phaser beam build. How far will I fall behind a cannon build in dps? My goal is to play tfo and missions without getting feeling like a burden to the team. I want to go in and carry my weight. Is that possible without going cannons?

    • Hellspawny  says:

      Beams are still ok, good enough for >400k DPS. Cannons require proper piloting to shine while beams are more beginner-friendly.

      • ChaosRedEyes  says:

        Is there a good guide somewhere on how to properly pilot a cannon ship? It frequently feels like I’m doing most of my shooting with just my turrets, especially on some of the lower turn rate ships.

        • felisean  says:

          basically dont fly around just point with your nose to your target, sometimes it could help to fly a bit forward and back. in addition use speed/turnrate buffs like evasive maneuver or the competitive proc to turn faster. and than stay on target basically 😉

          it could help to use 1 omni beam and use that one to find the direction a bit better to your target. but an omni need to work for your build tho

          • SeaOfSorrows  says:

            That’s good advice.. the best thing you could do is just practice.

            I couldn’t use Cannons for the longest time, I was just terrible with anything where I had to face my target to fire. When I tried, I just got frustrated and immediately switched back to beams. I finally just had to force myself to stick with it and keep practicing and eventually, I got it. It does take time though.

            Those Competitive Engines are a huge help though. I learned back before we had them, it’s easier now. Just try and save your heals to use as turn buffs and practice with it. You’ll get it down with some time.

  • Stubentiger  says:

    Very good Build @Hellspawny,

    i still prefer [Pen] instead of Spiral Wave Disruptor Weapons, but the Spiral Wave are much better and [PEN] become nearly worthless, if the Team has much DRR.

    Please correct me if i wrote something that is not the case, im not 100% sure about that.

    Do you have an Document /explaniation for me/ us for DDR And Dimishing Returns, cause i play with the trait “Particle Feedback Loop” from the T6 Eternal.

    I see, i do very less Damage if the Team have much DDR.

    I would be glad if you report back.


    • Hellspawny  says:

      Sadly damage resistance and debuffs aren’t documented too well in STO.
      Actually it boils down to a complicated formula that’s like
      Damage Multiplier =((0.25+(3*(75/(150+Resistance))^2))/(0.25+(3*(75/(150+Debuffs))^2))) *(100/(100+Resistance Bonus)).
      You’ll always have diminishing returns for your debuffs, i.e.
      a debuff of 100 will boost you attack 92.31%., a debuff of 200 157.89%
      and a debuff of 300 means 200% more damage.
      More debuffs are always great, but in a team environment Pen’s value quickly gets into the 3-4% range. And that’s just increased hull damage.

      If you’re doing less damage in i.e. a LR-ISA it’s because the players steal each other’s DPS. Unless you’re really fast and always have
      the maximum number of targets to shoot at, ofc.

  • Stukuv  says:

    Everyone I talk to says the Gagarin can do massive amounts of damage and is a great ship for the current meta. Would you say these builds are still up to date even with anything new that has been released in the past year? I’m just getting back into the game after a very long hiatus, and the more I research it seems the more confused I get. Thank you for any advice you can give!

    • felisean  says:

      beside one or two things it should be still up to date. you might wanna check our latest published builds for the gear used there 😉

  • Tom  says:

    have you got an updated beam overload build for this ship ?

    I use sensor link phasers
    Mixed MW abilitys

    I love this ship but find it struggles especially against Intel

    It punches brilliant and I have most ship traits and consoles

    How would you set this ship up for a beam overload battlebarge

  • Seth Sr  says:

    Anyone still monitoring this page?

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