MB’s Juggernaut Build, and how I got 980k in ISA

First of all, apologies for posting my build this late. I’ve been busy with IRL stuff etc.

On to the build.

My goal for this build was to make a setup that was as optimal as it could be, while only using tactical initiative as a CDR method. The result is a fairly standard DPS setup, with some extra good stuff added where CDR abilities used to be. So, this is the build:


A few notes: All weapon epic modifiers are [CrtD/Dm] (of course), all Sensor-Linked weapons are Targeting-Linked and Promise of Ferocity should be replaced with Strike from the Shadows.

Now, I will detail the build choices, as well as some timing tips.

Build Choices

– D.O.M.I.N.O. on a disruptor build: Domino is THE BEST DPS clicky, period. It provides 25% Firing Cycle Haste and 25% Bonus All Damage for 30sec (the whole run in these specialized runs). I run it on every energy weapon build, and you should too.

– No House Martok set with the omni: I find that I do not have enough console room to fit the House Martok console. Furthermore, I’ve found that a Targeting-Linked Omni  + a regular crit console performs better.

– Hyper Capacitor Shield Array: The clicky from that shield, Shield Capacitance Bleed, gives a 40% cat2 damage buff, scaling with shield percentage. It will drain your shields, however, but in most cases, shields are useless against Borg anyway, so who cares. I use this shield in PuGs and channel runs too (one of the things contributing to my 466k LR run on my Husnock)

– Temporal Trajectory Shifter: This is a console I don’t see often, however it is a very good one. The clicky provides 50% firing cycle haste for up to 15 sec (or until the target is dead). I use this on the tac cube, to get a massive DPS increase

– Auxiliary Power Configuration – Offense + Temporal Disentanglement Suite: Yes, I use aux power. Since I’m not draining my aux with aux2batt, might as well use it. It gives access to the aux offense trait (5% cat2 @100 aux) and allows me to use the best crit console in the game: The Temporal Disentanglement Suite, which gives 2.5% critH and 10% critD @100 aux. Furthermore, this increases the damage I get form exotic abilities like the Anti-Time Singularity.


As for timing, I start by channeling EptE1, so I have enough speed to get to the transformer. For the first patrol, I only use Domino (but only if I’m sure the run will be less than 30sec, otherwise just use your CSV, Kemocite, Beta and Tac Initiative). Then, while repositioning at the transformer, I use all specialization Boff abilities (OSS, MAS, NSB), as well as the hyper-capacitor clicky and DEM. At the transformer, I use all of my major buffs (alpha, GDF, etc.). Finally, while repositioning at the Tac cube, use your Temporal Trajectory Shifter on the Tac cube, use all of your exotic abilities and any buffs you still have available. Use your juggernaut array when the spheres get gravwelled into the cube and are all clustered up.


If you want to see this in action, here’s the video from my record run:


Thanks for reading, I hope this has given some insight in how I build my ships, and how I run these record runs.

I have to give a huge shout out to my support team and the people who helped me through tough times. Without them, this wouldn’t have been possible.

Special thanks to:
– Evial Tony, QuelDelaQuela, Sebmysto, Dragon1608 and Bpeg for all the runs together, and allowing me to practice and optimize our runs.

Special thanks to:
– Worf#3443 and Sebmysto for helping me through some difficult times and drama, and Spencerb96 for getting me into the DPS race back when I rejoined the game just over a year ago.

9 comments to MB’s Juggernaut Build, and how I got 980k in ISA

  • Kel'Drexin  says:

    Not building a ultra instinct tier dps boat, but some elements of your build may help me push my Universe over the 200k dps threshold! Thanks for posting this amazing build.

    • john  says:

      You will need a fast run and teamwork to make this setup work. And ISA runs shorter then 60 seconds, the shorter the better.

      200K+ you can easily reach with the A2B builds and 3 techs for CD reduction. Those builds will also be more easy to keep up dps in longer runs.

  • Josuha Altair  says:

    So this is basically for cannon builds, right?
    What is your speculating DPS limit for Beam builds under same circumstance you mentioned in this post?

    • felisean  says:

      i think we saw a something around 500k run with beams already, so potentially higher than that, maybe 600-700k might be possible

  • whicky1978  says:

    is it me or is this game got a little bit of a power creep 🤣

  • Emerald  says:

    Just curious: Since not running Cold Hearted, what are you using to trigger the “Controlled Countermeasures (Rank 2)” Rep Trait?

    • aka  says:

      the nannys GW counts as controlled, trait doesnt say you have to be the one to controll.

      • Emerald  says:

        Ahh that makes sense. Thanks!

    • MBWH  says:

      My nannies (recluses) are runnig cold-hearted, cause it’s an essential debuff. But the controlled countermeasures procs off of other people’s control abilities indeed.

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