Marcus1105 Fleet Experimental Science Vessel “Dauntless-Class” – Build

fleet-experimental-science-vessel-2(screenshot by @marcus1105)

Today we present you the build from @marcus1105 for his Fleet Experimental Science Vessel “Dauntless-Class”.  So far he did a great job with that build and was able to reach 344k dps!

Fleet Experimental Science Vessel (T6)

Try it out and have some fun with it. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

If you have any questions, you could ask @marcus1105 ingame!

7 comments to Marcus1105 Fleet Experimental Science Vessel “Dauntless-Class” – Build

  • Nandos  says:

    Very nice, thanks for sharing!

  • Der Sandmann  says:

    the website linked to build is down

    • Hellspawny  says:

      We’ll call Section 31 to fix it. But seriously, it’s a site maintained by a 3rd party. What do you expect us to do about it?


    now they work btw

  • Marcus  says:

    This is a S 11-12 Build,i did a few changes for S14,but im to lazy to change in skillplanner,sry about that.

  • Der Sandmann  says:

    :(( stoacademynuses an hnsupported protocol, cant watch it anymore

    • whicky1978  says:

      Maybe try a different web browser 🤨

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