Marcus Jem’Hadar Light Battlecruiser [T6]


(Screenshot by @marcus1105)

Hello everyone

Today we present you the build from @marcus1105 for his Jem’Hadar Light Battleruiser [T6] 

So far he did a great job with that build and was able to reach over 300k in HSE with it .

If you have any questions, you could ask @marcus1105 ingame!


11 comments to Marcus Jem’Hadar Light Battlecruiser [T6]

  • Hellspawny  says:

    Great build, thanks for sharing!

  • Casualsto  says:

    Great initiative. Looks like an arbiter/mogh a2b setup. Haven’t touched this ship due to obvious spacepoor reasons, but on paper it seems like a less offensive, more adaptable mix of the arbiter and the jhv warship. Seems solid and easy to follow.

  • Chop-Block  says:

    Thanks for this Marcus. Great job. One thing I don’t understand: why did you slot beam overload I in the lt. commander tac/intel station? At first, I thought it might be to proc the impulse engines, but you’re using the prevailing fortified engine, which is proc’d by heal abilities. Obviously, you have no beam weapons, so that left me wondering.

    • Tenore  says:

      Colony Tac consoles; energy weapon firing modes proc them.

      • Chop-Block  says:

        Ah, my fleet has no such wonders . . .

        • Tenore  says:

          If your fleet has provisions for them getting a map invite to a fleet that has T5 Energy will allow you to purchase them.

        • peterconnorfirst  says:

          If you like just please ask for a map invite in Bronze for example. More and more players, including the admin team, have access to it. 🙂

          • Chop-Block  says:

            Thanks, will do!

  • peterconnorfirst  says:

    Hot stuff! Thanks for sharing Marcus. 🙂

  • marcus cc  says:

    Thanks Guys 🙂

  • Zomg  says:

    Finally a light battlecruiser build! And its an Awesome build!

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