Legendary Temporal Operative Escort

(Screenshot by @minerk, thanks for it!)

Hi everyone,

here is our suggestion for the legendary NX. Like the Ferang Build, it we will use Screenshots to show the builds. They are focused on using Cannons but Beams could work decently too.



Here they are for Cannons:

For Cannons+Torp:

For Beam Overload:

For Fire at Will + Torpedo:

In case of survivability issues, change Directed Energy Modulation to Reverse Shield Polarity.

Doffs (for all builds):

  • Energy Weapon Officer: Chance for CRTH (expensive, rare is usually good enough)
  • Energy Weapon Officer: Chance for CRTD (expensive, rare is usually good enough)
  • Emergency Conn Hologram: CD Reduction for Evasive Maneuvers (phoenix store, just get one!) and/or
  • Shield Distribution Officer (Agent Nerul): Attack Pattern Beta restores hull when firing (delta operations pack, 12k zen pack. just use him when you have him) and/or
  • Space Warfare Specialist: When activating Eng or Tac Boff Abilities, 20% Chance to get 10% of your outgoing damage as heal for the next 10 hits (if you don’t own Agent Nerul)
  • Fabrication Engineer: Increase Duration of Reverse Shield Polarity (Only useful when using Reverse Shield Polarity!)
  • Elder Malik’itan (Warfare Master, Gamma Recruit, ground slot): Increase damage vs All (if you have him, slot him!)
  • Neal Falconer (Ground Warfare Specialist, Phoenix store, ground slot): Increase damage vs Borg (just get one, it’s not a mistake 😉 )
  • Assimilated DOFFs like 20/22/25/27 of 47

Personal Space Traits
Here’s a list with some useful traits. Which one you use depends a bit on the mission.


  • Fleet Coordinator (free)
  • Superior Beam/Cannon Training – Basis version for free, superior version obtainable at K-13
  • Inspirational Leader (exchange or Infinity Lockbox)
  • Duelist’s Favor (exchange or Infinity Lockbox) – more interesting for cannon builds
  • Into the Breach (exchange or Infinity Lockbox)
  • Point Blank Shot (Episode: House Pegh)
  • Terran Targeting Systems (exchange or Infinity Lockbox)
  • Context is for Kings (exchange or Infinity Lockbox)
  • Adaptive Offense

Recommended race/profession-specific

  • A good day to die (Exchange or Infinity Lockbox) –  Great for Tacs
  • EPS Overload (Exchange or Infinity Lockbox) – Kinda must-have for Engs
  • EPS Manifold Efficiency (free) – Very useful for Engs
  • Photonic Reinforcement (exchange or Infinity Lockbox) – Great for Sci Captains
  • Romulan Operative (free) – Only for Romulans
  • Infiltrator – mandatory for Remans on Warbirds

Other helpful traits

  • Fluidic Cocoon (Exchange or Infinity Lockbox) – Only if you got hit by torpedos
  • Give Your All (Lvl 15 Engineering R&D School) – for fluffy captains
  • Repair Crews (Exchange or Infinity Lockbox) – another anti-fluffy trait

Space Reputation 

  • Advanced Targeting Systems (Dyson T2)  +16% CrtD on Rank I or +20% CrtD on Rank II
  • Precision (Romulan T2)  +4% CrtH (I) or +5% CrtH (II)
  • Tyler’s Duality (Discovery T4)  +CrtH depending on your hull capacity
  • Energy Refrequencer (Iconian T2) – more heals, awesome and i would highly suggest to use this one.
  • Controlled Countermeasures (Temporal T4)  +addtional DMG against controlled targets => Only for A2B Builds
  • Tactical Advantage (Dyson T2) – more Armor Pen
  • Magnified Firepower (Gamma T4)  +5% DMG (I) or +6,3% DMG (II)
  • Enhanced Armor Penetration (Delta T2)  +5 Armor Pen (I) or + 6.3 Armor Pen (II)

Starship Traits
Highly recommended

  • Emergency Weapon Cycle (Arbiter/Morrigu(crossfaction)/Kurak)
  • Withering Barrage for Cannons (Valiant/Malem(crossfaction)/Kor)
  • Redirecting Arrays for Beams (Tucker/Tebok(crossfaction)/Klothos)
  • Entwined Tactical Matrices for Beams and/or Torps (Gagarin / Qugh)
  • Superweapon Ingenuity for Beam Overload (Xindi-Primate Ateleth Dreadnought Cruiser – Lobi)

and then choose 3 of them:

  • Weapon Emitter Overdrive (Vaadwaur Juggernaut)
  • Cold-Hearted – Must have for A2B (Breen Plesh Tral Heavy Raider Winter 2017/18)
  • Superior Area Denial – If you don’t have A2B or the raider or as an addition (Mirror Universe Engle-class Strike Wing Escort/Infinity Pack: Starship Trait)
  • Vaulting Ambition (Styx Terran Dreadnought Cruiser)
  • Promise of Ferocity (Thozyn/Vandros/Xechas)
  • Calm Before the Storm (Cardassian Intel Flight-Deck Cruiser)
  • Strike from Shadows (Shran Escort)
  • Improved Critical Systems (AoY Event)
  • Super Charged Weapons – if you’re using a torpedo (Kopesh Tactical Dreadnought Warbird, crossfaction or one of the other Tactical Flagships)
  • History Will Remember (Support Cruiser T6)
  • Improved Unconventional Tactics (Strategist Spec, Discount version if you don’t have anything else to use)
  • Superior Command Frequency (Command Spec, Discount version if you don’t have anything else to use)


Weapon mods as always, crtd or dmg, epic mod: crtd/dm. Pen is good too if you’re using crafted weapons.
Other gear used: Colony deflector, Competitive Impulse Engine, Discovery Reputation Warp Core and Shield.


Weapons used: Quad Phaser Cannons, Prolonged Dual Cannons, Terran Task Force Dual Heavy Cannon, Targeting or Sensor-Linked Phaser Heavy Cannons, Trilithium Turret, Gamma Rep Turret, Targeting or Sensor-Linked Turret. Use 4 Locator (or Colony) Tactical Consoles and the Lorca Console (Discovery Reputation).

Weapons used Advanced Piezo Polaron Plasma Cannon, Altamid Plasma DHC/DC, Altamid 3 piece and Biomatter Turret (Lobi).

Weapons used are Terran Task Force DHC, Spiral Wave DHC/DC, Targeting Linked Omni+Turrets.

Instead of Competitive Engine and Discovery 2 piece you could use a Combat Impulse Engine [Spd]x4, a Deuterium Stabilized Core (both crafting) and the Crystal Matrix Shield (Episode: Para Pacem) or a regenerative or resilient elite fleet shield. In addition, Locator Consoles could be used instead of Colony Consoles or even for the first start normal Polaron Phase Modulator consoles.Use the Morphogenic Tactical Console for the 3 piece set, DO NOT miss that one. Cannons are from Lukari Rep, 2x Dominion DC (reward from 2600er story arc), Morphogenic Set from Gamma Quadrant Arc, Turrets from Gamma reputation.


Dual Beam Banks:

This build uses a Wide Angle Dual Heavy Beam Bank and 4 Spiral Waves. You could also use the Terran Tasforce Beam Array. If you want to use Phasers, use the Trilithium Omni and matching console.


The ships can be used for any faction and profession.

Feel free to comment below or ask us directly via discord or in-game.

21 comments to Legendary Temporal Operative Escort

  • Herman Andersen  says:

    Do you guys stop posting build links on Sto-academy?
    For the consoles used these screenshots will leave new guys/girls (and me 🙂 coming to this site guessing on some of them?


    • felisean  says:

      the major problem is that they’re often not available at sto academy for quite some time. in case you have question, feel free to join our discord to ask us directly 🙂

    • Quandary  says:

      Yeh, inherently useless. I can’t tell what some of the boff abilities are based on just the symbols…Why they didn’t bother listing them in a clear text format like they did traits is beyond me.

  • Herman Andersen  says:

    will do thx for explaining

  • Trick  says:

    I’m assuming the boff suggestions are copied and pasted from another build — the top suggestion of 3 Technician doffs wouldn’t seem to apply to any of these builds, since they don’t use Aux2Bat.

    • felisean  says:

      thats just a check if someone actually read those! (fixed, thx 🙂 )

  • Alyassus  says:

    Should you try to fit in Fire at will in your Beam Overload build to proc the Preferential Targeting trait or is it not worth it dps wise?

    • felisean  says:

      defnitly no. if you want to trigger preferential targeting, use a cannon scatter volley for that in a beam overload build.

      beam overload and fire at will share a cooldown => after using faw your bo will be locked out for the next 15 seconds and the other way around.

  • Chris  says:


    • felisean  says:

      the one you prefere?

      dps wise for pve i guess temporal is better than pilot. even tho, a full pilot ship with pilot maneuvers is fun to fly (like the legendary pilot warship)

  • Markus  says:

    I can’t tell what half the stuff is on here, please just make academy links again, even if it’s incomplete and you have to write in notes section.

    • felisean  says:

      sadly the ships arent part of sto academy so far..

      • Markus  says:

        Again, even if you have to write in the notes it would be better than having us stare at tiny icons trying to figure out what console is what etc. Heck, the gamepedia for consoles doesn’t list by icon list https://sto.gamepedia.com/Universal_Console, you have to click on each one in list then go to their individual page just to eyeball the picture (to compare visually to here). Same thing for most boff abilities. Visual comparison, given the resources available, is inadequate. So even if skillplanner is letting you down, you could avoid letting us down by putting in the extra work to write what’s missing in the notes section (as you guys have done in the past). We appreciate all of your work, you guys are amazing, just wish this new format had been thought out more throughly ahead of time.

        • felisean  says:

          the ship itself is not available => no build post there. since no ship => no build.

          if you need help with a few of the consoles, feel free to ask for the specific one and not just “all of them”. or feel free to join our discord and ask there, you will most likely get a faster answer there.

          and for your link, scroll down to the bottom, there are the icons 😉

          for the boff icons, just use your ingame boffs, they are all there

  • Rykus83  says:

    I don’t have the legendary verison of this ship I’ve got the one from the lobi store and was wondering if Connor’s NX Cannon Build which I had been following some what before i took my almost 2 year break is still viable or should I sub in some of the stuff thats talked about here?

    • felisean  says:

      would suggest to have a look at our “cannon ships in the current century” post. should be all covered there and being up to date 🙂

  • bishopdps  says:

    I just like to say thank you to all you that take the time and energy to create these wonderful ship builds. I like to ask if possible maybe include a avg of dps per these builds. So many of use green users have an idea of what these builds can do. Please include what primary and secondary Captain Specialization is preferred. Maybe if its not to much trouble include a rotation guide of abilities per ship build. This will help some folks I know that still struggle with what abilities to launch first and how to keep max on dps etc. Thanks again and stay safe.

    • felisean  says:

      captain specs are usualy intel/strategist 😉

      for the average dps dont know since i’m not doing much runs lately beside doing endeavors and events. for the activation.. that depends on the map at the end since you need different stuff for different maps to get the most out of it.
      in general, sync up stuff like apb+csv/faw+kemo+narrowsensorbands/mixed armaments if using a mw ship, keep eptw and epte running and when you know there will be a good amount of enemies, fire the major cooldowns like apa and consoles on top. just keep in mind that you usualy want enough enemies in the area to get the most out of the duration from those buffs 😉

      feel free to join our discord, might be a better place to get answers to such questions and defnitly faster 😉

  • Bishopheals  says:

    Dual BeamBank- Whats the console to the left of bioneural infusion?

    • felisean  says:

      altamid console, lobi store

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