Kelvin Timeline Ships


Welcome to the Kelvin Timeline! Here are some build suggestions for these amazing new ships! You could obtain them from the lobi-store or from the Kelvin Timeline lockbox.





Have fun with your new ship and if there are any questions, feel free to ask us here or ingame.



As for all builds, the skilltree/ship build work for all professions!

36 comments to Kelvin Timeline Ships

  • Black  says:

    It would be grate to see D4x build with dhc, somekind of coalition disrupotrs plus terrain task force one.

    • felisean  says:

      thats pretty easy 🙂
      just replace the beams/dbb with cannons/turrets and replace faw with cannon scatter volley and its done 🙂
      maybe you wanna switch in the shiptrait for extended scatter volley duration.

      • Black  says:

        you are right, all good builds are almost the same. So currently I am building mine with coalition DHCs plus terran task force DHC. As for Kemocite 2, maybe its better to replace it with attack pattern delta plus Attack Pattern Delta Prime trait?

        • felisean  says:

          you could try that, but mostly a permanent apb is better dps wise than apb/apd mix or something like that, especially when you have non shooting targets like the transformer. but i’m not saying that apd+trait is not good, it defnitly is. for the record runs as example we’re always using apd+trait for the support ships, since you could buff a friend with that one too 🙂

          another thing you could try is to use dual cannons instead of dual heavy cannons when you’re using embassy plasma consoles. due to the same lengh of fire cycle but the double amount of hits you’ll get round about double the amount of procs.

          • Black  says:

            About DHC vs DC. Ive already bought DHCs (and only after it I realized that it was better to have DCs), so I will be using them for some period of time, but then I will defiantly switch to coalition DCs.
            And is it good to have threat generation consoles on a BOP? Its quite a glass cannon and currently I have some problems with survivability (though I dont have that amazing trait from Zahl cruiser, yet) and If I will generate more threat, Im afraid I wont live long 🙂

            Also, maybe its some lack of piloting experience, cause my main flies fed ships, currently Vangence, and it easily makes over 100k dps with randoms, but it doesnt some crazy skills to pilot, just but buttons and kill everything 🙂 cannon boats, I think, need a bit another piloting

            • felisean  says:

              For the +th consoles, they are generally only useful when you’re planing on using feedback pulse. with a bop it might be a little bit too difficult to stay alive and as you mentioned, a zahl could help with that 🙂

  • Paul J Grossman  says:

    I’m using anti protons at lvl 52, I’m not seeing the success I was hopping. Them shields take forever to get pass

    • felisean  says:

      You might wanna specify your question a little bit, right now i have no idea how we could help you 🙂

      • Delphinus  says:

        Pretty sure that the question goes like this: I’m using antiproton beam arrays, but I can’t get past the shield’s. Any suggestions? – working on this problem myself.

        • felisean  says:

          Weapon power on max and things like that?

          otherwise, which ship, which mission you’re playing etc etc 😉

  • Qwerty  says:

    Hey, i got some questions concerning the vengeance build and would appreciate any help:

    1. I didn’t really use temp skills until now, so is “Shared Fate” really as good as the three tac slots you “sacrifice” for it (by not using the LtC as tac)?

    2. Would it be a large damage dropif i switched OSS3 and EPtW2?

    3. Is the M6-Computer that important? I thought about replacing it with the tachyokinetic converter to improve the turnrate

    4. If I use phasers, would it be worth to use both the broadside emitter arrays and the mining drill laser for the two piece set bonus?

    And finally a rather general question: If I decide to go with coalition disruptors, would you still recommend to use a herald beam Array (as i heard somewhere that only one proc can be active at a time)?

    Thanks in advance for any answer

    • felisean  says:

      Hi, sry didnt saw your questions 🙂

      1) Instead of Shared Fate you could use one of the other Temporal Abilities like the hull heal called “causal reversion”, a dmg ability like entropic redistribution, or an additional faw as a backup. Another possibility would be to move kemocite to that position and use one of the temporal ensign abilitys.
      Another thing would be the ltcm universal sci. you dont need to use gw1 there, you could use fbp 2 instead and another ability (heal, tbr, drain) on the lt slot.

      2) dps wise, oss 3 + eptw 2 should be the superior configuration, since you get only additional +3% from eptw 3 over eptw2 but a bunch more power and cap increase from oss 3.

      3) M6 is not that important, using a bioneural or tachyokinetc or in worst case zero point is fine

      4) if you would use phasers, this might be a possibility yes 🙂

      5) the herald beam could proc up to 3 times, so you could get a maximum of 3 procs. more weapons would only increase the proc chance but not the amount of stacks you could get. i used that combination myself for my scim record run and it looked like it worked well 🙂

      Hope i could answer all the questions, and sorry for the delay.

      • Qwerty  says:

        thank you for the time you took to answer these questions, and the delay was no problem 🙂

        my intention on question 1 was a bit different, so please let me explain: i thought about using the Lt Uni as sci with sv1/fbp1 and the LtC Uni as tac, probably with tt1/faw2/apo1, therefore replacing shared fate and gw with faw2 and apo1.
        is this configuration also possible or would i lose a lot of damage?

        • felisean  says:

          Sure could work too, but with tac skill tree and 1 zemok you have 1 beta perfectly matched with your faw 🙂
          But yes, just try it if it works for you or not 🙂

  • Thilias  says:

    Which of these two fed ships do you think can do better dps? Overall I’m confused which ship I want to pick. Do you guys have guides on which ships are best for certain things?


    • felisean  says:

      Hi, they should be quite equal at the end and there are better choices for a fed dps wise like the sci oddy or the krenim warship.

      • Thilias  says:

        Even with only 2 tac consoles the sci oddy is better, do sci consoles increase dps more than tac ones? Do you guys have any listings of which ships are best?

  • Qwerty  says:

    hey, is something wrong with my questions or did you just miss them?

    • felisean  says:

      Missed them, but answere is there now. Sorry for that!
      In worst case you could ask us ingame next time, a list with @handles could be found here: Our Team

  • r4plez  says:

    why not use coali disruptors instead of crafted ones? Pen is good but isnt coali buff better?

    • felisean  says:

      you could use coalitions too, its just an example and not everyone could effort coalitions with good mods. and at the end you’ll see the same results with the pen ones for normal purposes 🙂

  • Hyunmoo Sirius  says:

    I use phaser build(7+1; including quantum phase sets), slightly different from the S13 build for Kelvin Connie in this website. However I made 66.5k DPS in ISA yesterday, and it seems to be good one If I combine with A2B.

  • Zorander  says:

    can the Heavy Command Cruiser (Kelvin Timeline Connie | S13 build) be used on an Engineer character?

  • Jato  says:

    Regarding the Vulnerability Locator Mk XIV modules the ones listed are [+Beam] over a specific damage type?

    I am using AP weapons and the Vulnerability Locator Mk XIV [AP] has the same crit chance while increasing the specific damage type of [AP] more (+31.9%). [Beams] only provide an increase of 27.9%?

    Are the [Beams] suggested due to the recommendation of the Kinetic Cutting Beam?

    • felisean  says:

      [+beam] locators in case you wanna use a mix of weapons, like using the terran task force array too with a few other types 😉
      but in case you’re just using ap beams go for the ap locator consoles.

  • tlhIngan  says:


    please update the D4x Bird-of-Prey.


    • felisean  says:

      yea should really do that ^^
      but since than, please check the vanguard warships (neelas warship) or tenores post. the ship will look quite equal to those builds at the end 🙂

      • felisean  says:

        D4x builds should be updated now 🙂

        • peterconnorfirst  says:

          Wow, what a little monster you unleashed there Feli! >:)

          Oh, Energy Refrequencer back in the field again for high DPS ships?

          • felisean  says:

            more a copy paste error, should be fixed

        • tlhIngan  says:

          Thank you, felisean!

          You are a great warrior. 😉


  • Jeffery Giles  says:

    This build still work I won’t an over powered beam build but having a hard time doing it I’m tac Capt with all the space skills right but it doesn’t seem to work as well as cannons

    • felisean  says:

      which ship did you mean? 🙂
      but the s13+ builds should stil work decently 😉

      for the latest fancy builds, check our latest published posts

  • James  says:

    Hi would it be possible to put up a updated beam build for the veangance ?

    • felisean  says:

      hi, feel free to check our how to cannons or how to beams guide. all the information you need should be covered there 🙂

  • James  says:

    Hi there sorry for the late replay ty for the info.

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