Getting to know your DPS-League Admins: markus1566


This is the start of an ongoing series profiling members of the DPS-League Admins.  In this interview, we talk to our youngest member of the team, Markus aka Markus1566.



Ingame Handle?


Inspiration for your handle?

The Name I use almost everywhere. No particular inspiration.

TLD of origin?




When did you join Star Trek Online?

First? october 2012. Then i had a LONG pause. I started playing actively again in August 2013

Inspiration for Playing Sto?

Its Star Trek. I mean come on ^^

Who was your first contact in STO?

The Starfleet Germany guys. @woodwhity. @omegashoker …

Who was your mentor(s) ?

Same as above for a long time. After that @felisean @ezri_ryan …

What was your most embarrassing moment in STO?

Not starting the pets in a DPS Run – as a Recluse. (Which could have been the run, but i totally forgot it)

Boxers / Briefs / other ?


What keeps you motivated in STO?

Well. the DPS League really. And Ground. And the friends and people i play with.

What is your favourite TV show?

ATM Person of Interest

Favourite musician/band?


coffee / tea / other ?

Coffee mostly. But i really enjoy Milkshakes. and Beer

Any parting words you want to share?

I dont know. I have no clue whatsoever

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

I like watchin Bob Ross. He makes me fall asleep. Its amazing how calming “Joy of Painting” is. I however do not draw Happy little clouds and trees myself

How would you describe yourself?

…. aehm .. aehm..

Do you have a hobby outside of STO?

Card Games. Skat, Poker, ….

Claim to Fame?

Knowing weird things. i just tell random facts out all the time. Also my friends use me as a Organic German-English translator.

What did you have for breakfast today?

Bread. Cheese. Mustard. Bacon. Salami. Coffee

What sports team do you support?

I support no Sport Teams in particular. I support Germany in World Cups tho ^^



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