Free FED T5u Ships

(Screenshot by @morishita, check out her deviantart gallery for more awesome pictures!)


Hello everyone,

here are some discount suggestions for the free ships you could obtain at lvl 61. Enjoy

Keep in mind, those are discount builds! They use mainly gear free to obtain, to get with a minor amount of EC from the exchange or to get from your fleet.
For the route to upgrade the ships, check out our latest published builds with all the shineys used 😉

Feel free to comment below or ask us directly via discord, teamspeak or ingame.


3 comments to Free FED T5u Ships

  • Luke McDonald  says:

    Curious to know why the exploration cruisers (i.e. 1701Ds) are shown in T5u variant and not T6/FT6…with that, can you run this same setup on the T6/FT6s? thanks!

    • Hellspawny  says:

      This is an old post for budget builds of the free T5 ships available with level 61. You may use the same builds on T6 ships but I’d suggest taking a look at for builds that hit a bit harder.

      • Luke McDonald  says:

        Awesome! thank you for the time! I noticed the date on the post, only after I asked my question, so i really do appreciate the reply.

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