Fleet Hestia Advanced Escort (T6 Prometheus)

We have now a T6-Version of one of the most beautiful ships in Star Trek: The Prometheus.

Take a look at our build suggestion:
– A2B Disruptor Beam [MoD]



4 comments to Fleet Hestia Advanced Escort (T6 Prometheus)

  • Nandos  says:

    This is a very nice looking ship 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion 😉

  • Gunvolt  says:

    Tried taking a look at this, it just spends the entire time trying to load.

    • Hellspawny  says:

      STO-Academy had some server issues (again). It’s working yet.

  • james nix  says:

    How would you incorporate the multivector mode to keep it canon?

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