Fek’Ihri Fe’rang Dreadnought Carrier

(Screenshot by @radioactivitii)

Hello everyone,

here are our suggestions for the latest Event Ship, the mighty Farang Dreadnought Carrier! This time to publish it a bit faster in text/picture form. The Builds are focused on Cannons but could be easily adapted to utilize Beams as well.



Here they are for Cannons:

For Beam Overload:

For Fire at Will + Torpedo:

In case of survivability issues, replace Eng Team 1 with Emergency Power to Weapons 1 and replace Emergency Power to Weapons 3 with Reverse Shield Polarity 2.

Doffs (for all builds):

  • 3x Technician: Auxiliary to Battery CD Reduction (required, could be obtained via B’tran Cluster chain for free or via commendation ranks store)
  • Energy Weapon Officer: Chance for CRTH (expensive, rare is usually good enough)
  • Energy Weapon Officer: Chance for CRTD (expensive, rare is usually good enough)
  • Emergency Conn Hologram: CD Reduction for Evasive Maneuvers (phoenix store, just get one!) and/or
  • Shield Distribution Officer (Agent Nerul): Attack Pattern Beta restores hull when firing (delta operations pack, 12k zen pack. just use him when you have him) and/or
  • Space Warfare Specialist: When activating Eng or Tac Boff Abilities, 20% Chance to get 10% of your outgoing damage as heal for the next 10 hits (if you don’t own Agent Nerul)
  • Fabrication Engineer: Increase Duration of Reverse Shield Polarity (Only useful when using Reverse Shield Polarity!)
  • Elder Malik’itan (Warfare Master, Gamma Recruit, ground slot): Increase damage vs All (if you have him, slot him!)
  • Neal Falconer (Ground Warfare Specialist, Phoenix store, ground slot): Increase damage vs Borg (just get one, it’s not a mistake 😉 )

Personal Space Traits
Here’s a list with some useful traits. Which one you use depends a bit on the mission.


  • Fleet Coordinator (free)
  • Superior Beam/Cannon Training – Basis version for free, superior version obtainable at K-13
  • Inspirational Leader (exchange or Infinity Lockbox)
  • Duelist’s Favor (exchange or Infinity Lockbox) – more interesting for cannon builds
  • Into the Breach (exchange or Infinity Lockbox)
  • Point Blank Shot (Episode: House Pegh)
  • Terran Targeting Systems (exchange or Infinity Lockbox)
  • Context is for Kings (exchange or Infinity Lockbox)

Recommended race/profession-specific

  • A good day to die (Exchange or Infinity Lockbox) –  Great for Tacs
  • EPS Overload (free) – Kinda must-have for Engs
  • EPS Manifold Efficiency (free) – Very useful for Engs
  • Photonic Reinforcement (exchange or Infinity Lockbox) – Great for Sci Captains
  • Romulan Operative (free) – Only for Romulans
  • Infiltrator – mandatory for Remans on Warbirds

Other helpful traits

  • Fluidic Cocoon (Exchange or Infinity Lockbox) – Only if you got hit by torpedos
  • Give Your All (Lvl 15 Engineering R&D School) – for fluffy captains
  • Repair Crews (Exchange or Infinity Lockbox) – another anti-fluffy trait

Space Reputation 

  • Advanced Targeting Systems (Dyson T2)  +16% CrtD on Rank I or +20% CrtD on Rank II
  • Controlled Countermeasures (Temporal T4)  +addtional DMG against controlled targets => Only for A2B Builds
  • Precision (Romulan T2)  +4% CrtH (I) or +5% CrtH (II)
  • Tyler’s Duality (Discovery T4)  +CrtH depending on your hull capacity
  • Tactical Advantage (Dyson T2) – more Armor Pen
  • Magnified Firepower (Gamma T4)  +5% DMG (I) or +6,3% DMG (II)
  • Enhanced Armor Penetration (Delta T2)  +5 Armor Pen (I) or + 6.3 Armor Pen (II)
  • Energy Refrequencer (Iconian T2) – more heals

Starship Traits
Highly recommended

  • Emergency Weapon Cycle (Arbiter/Morrigu(crossfaction)/Kurak)
  • Withering Barrage for Cannons (Valiant/Malem(crossfaction)/Kor)
  • Redirecting Arrays for Beams (Tucker/Tebok(crossfaction)/Klothos)
  • Entwined Tactical Matrices for Beams and/or Torps (Gagarin / Qugh)
  • Superweapon Ingenuity for Beam Overload (Xindi-Primate Ateleth Dreadnought Cruiser – Lobi)

and then choose 3 of them:

  • Weapon Emitter Overdrive (Vaadwaur Juggernaut)
  • Cold-Hearted – Must have for A2B (Breen Plesh Tral Heavy Raider Winter 2017/18)
  • Superior Area Denial – If you don’t have A2B or the raider or as an addition (Mirror Universe Engle-class Strike Wing Escort/Infinity Pack: Starship Trait)
  • Vaulting Ambition (Styx Terran Dreadnought Cruiser)
  • Promise of Ferocity (Thozyn/Vandros/Xechas)
  • Calm Before the Storm (Cardassian Intel Flight-Deck Cruiser)
  • Strike from Shadows (Shran Escort)
  • Improved Critical Systems (AoY Event)
  • Super Charged Weapons – if you’re using a torpedo (Kopesh Tactical Dreadnought Warbird, crossfaction or one of the other Tactical Flagships)
  • History Will Remember (Support Cruiser T6)
  • Improved Unconventional Tactics (Strategist Spec, Discount version if you don’t have anything else to use)
  • Superior Command Frequency (Command Spec, Discount version if you don’t have anything else to use)


Weapon mods as always, crtd or dmg, epic mod: crtd/dm. Pen is good too if you’re using crafted weapons.


Weapons used Advanced Piezo Polaron Plasma Cannon, Altamid Plasma DHC/DC, Altamid 3 piece and Biomatter Turret (Lobi).

Weapons used are Terran Task Force DHC, Spiral Wave DHC/DC, Targeting Linked Omni+Turrets.

Instead of Competitive Engine and Discovery 2 piece you could use a Combat Impulse Engine [Spd]x4, a Deuterium Stabilized Core (both crafting) and the Crystal Matrix Shield (Episode: Para Pacem) or a regenerative or resilient elite fleet shield. In addition, Locator Consoles could be used instead of Colony Consoles or even for the first start normal Polaron Phase Modulator consoles. Cannons are from Lukari Rep, 2x Dominion DC (reward from 2600er story arc), Morphogenic Set from Gamma Quadrant Arc, Turrets from Gamma Rep and All Gear used for this ship is from episodes/reputation/fleet holdings so far. Should give you a decent idea on how to start building your ship. All gear could be used on a lower Mk, but it is highly suggested to upgrade at least your weapons to Mk XV, Ur/Epic is not needed. Eng Console Slots could be used for other good consoles too, check our Plasma and Disruptor Build for some inspiration (dynamic power redistributor => especially for KDF aligned and Romulans, DOMINO if available, Altamid Console (Lobi), Bioneural Infusion Circuit (Lobi), Assimilated Module (Omega Rep), Zero Point Module (Romulan Rep)).

Beams with Torp:

A sample build with Phaser Beams and a Dark Matter Torpedo and matching DBB for the 3-part Lorca set. Advanced Phasers are quite expensive, sensor- or targeting linked will also work fine. Using an Omni could also be a good idea. Instead of the Tachyo console you may use the cheap and decent Approaching Agony. The Swarmer Matrix buffs torps and your pets. It’s quite good for a carrier.


A plain Vanilla Disruptor beam build. Advanced Disruptors / Spiral Wave / Sensor-Linked are the obvious choices for this damage type. The 2-piece Martok set really makes sense on this build. 


Using dual beams isn’t the best option when flying a slow turning dreadnought. But it’s still easier than cannons. For this sample build we stick with Spiral Wave DBBs, Sensor-Linked Omni, 2-part Martok set and the Terran Taskforce beam. It sucks to have it in a rear slot, you could also use it in the front and add a Kinetic Cutting Beam. 


The ships can be used for any faction and profession.

Feel free to comment below or ask us directly via discord, teamspeak or in-game.



20 comments to Fek’Ihri Fe’rang Dreadnought Carrier

  • Pottsey  says:

    Nice build.

    The Fek’Ihri is the most powerful Carrier in the game and the pets can be boosted far in advanced of other Carriers.

    Set the pets to auto launch, take the Scramble Fighters trait, fit x3 Flight Deck Doffs to boost hanger launch recharge. Possibley fit Fiery Entrance trait.

    Unboosted the pets are already some of the highest damage pets. Now they have a 25% stacking damage boost every second, a 50% hull heal every second, 5sec immune to damage every so often and in less then 5 seconds the pets will be past a 100% damage boost. If you start adding in Dominion Coo-ordination, Wing Commander traits they can end up with over a 200% damage boost.

    If you fit the Fiery Entrance trait you now effetely have a photo shockwave style attack without the push just damage every 0.5 seconds boosted by exotic. Without exotic its still great due to the 0.5 second attack. Do this on a full exotic build and you can put out some crazy nova damage if you fly into a grav well.

    Personally I run a full pet build but the basic pets above are so powerful its worth considering adding just the 1 trait and 3 doffs into an energy weapon build.

    • Hellspawny  says:

      Do you also think the basic pets are better than the elite ones?

      • Pottsey  says:

        The basic Souls of Gre’thor pets with the doff combo and Scramble Fighters trait are better then many if not all other Elite pets. The best choice is Elite Lost Souls of Gre’thor due to the extra shockwave attack.

        • Hellspawny  says:

          I’m not sure about that. Elite Lost Souls aren’t performing as expected. At least when set to escort mode. Autolaunching also stops out of a sudden.

          • Pottsey  says:

            That’s an interesting bug I was not aware off, thanks for the info. Just did 77k DPS via pets which was a range of 5.8k to 7.4k for the basic lost souls and a range of 3.2k to 5.4k for Elite.

            I wonder if I can push past 100k from hanger pets by downgrading? I guess I need to do a lot more pet testing tomorrow.

        • felisean  says:

          the normal ones parse usualy better when you need to move a bit, because they engage the enemies much faster. the elite ones are better in theory but some kind of buggy and arent able to charge to the enemies propperly

    • Conflykt  says:

      I too am thinking of running a full pet build around a carrier. Trying to think of ways to get it done but I rarely see damage focused pet builds.

      Even picking weapon type would be interesting. Instead of going your typical DPS route, you can find something to support the pets to increase their damage.

      Linked Command Matrix could be used as well. And if that goes with polaron, everyone can run polaron and proc energy debuffs like it’s going out of style.

      Sounds cool on paper anyway

    • borgdp010  says:

      yep, these pets are really insane. tried a dranuur gauntlet advanced afk run with 4 of the carriers on default setup nothing fancy using pets only on initial borg attack group. the souls chew through the borg like in less than 30sec without any fire support from the carriers.

      i fear they will be nerfed sooner or later like all the previous free stuff for beeing way to OP (e.g. hurq swarmers from mission Home) 😉

  • Banshee  says:

    You mentioned “Set the pets to auto launch”
    How do you do this? Via keybind?

    • Hellspawny  says:

      Same as for weapons, right-click the hangar.

  • Ted  says:

    The build explanation includes mention of the Discovery Reputation pieces. Which 2 pieces? Are they the new recommended pieces in a cannon build? Can you articulate their inclusion? Thank you.

    • felisean  says:

      its the discovery shield and core. thats a pretty good more defensive variant because it add a lot of hullreg with the 2 piece bonus and the debuff from the shield (enemy shields take more damage) is decent too. its my prefered combination (with colony deflector and competitive engine) right now for flying around in a lazy mode style 😉

  • Stars  says:

    Hello! I’m sorry to post this here, but I’m a lost noob. xD
    I am returning to the game after several years, so I have no clue what is good or not anymore. So, I was hoping someone could point me to an updated build that I could set as a goal for my character for now on. You know, what ship is good now, what consoles to get and etc. My main is a KDF Romulan, but a Fed or KDF build is cool too. 🙂

    • felisean  says:


      for energy weapons these builds are pretty much the way to go atm. this could be adepted to every ship you wanna fly.

      but feel free to join us at discord and talk to us directly 🙂

      • Stars  says:

        Oh, That is great! I’ll just follow this one then. Thank you very much! 🙂
        I’ll try discord next time, hehe. 😀

        • felisean  says:

          feel free to just join. it works via your browser too, no need to install anything ^^

  • BeardKingPT  says:

    Hello, 1st congratz with help you guys have given to umble noob(me XD), but this is a ship dps or pet dps? or hybrid?

  • Quenton  says:

    I set up a deranged build with 3x scramble fighters, the 3 Fek consoles, torment engine, LOTS of bonus exotic, and fiery entrance. It is AWESOME. Perhaps too awesome though. When I charge into a grab we’ll, everything goes boom pretty quickly. The warp core detonations are killing me every time. What’s the most trait/ability/console efficient way to survive this kinetic onslaught?

    • Hellspawny  says:

      There’s brace for impact or console-wise DPRM or Protomatter Field Projector.

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