Federation flagships (T6-Odysseys)

The Odyssey class is well known for the Enterprise NCC-1701-F, which is a starship of that class. In 2410 starfleet launched the T6 versions of it.

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Endeavour Tactical Star Cruiser (T6 tactical Odyssey): >>click<<

Yorktown Science Star Cruiser (T6 science Odyssey) : >>click<<

Sojourner Operations Star Cruiser (T6 engineering Odyssey): >>click<<

From a DPS-perspecitve the tactical and the science ones are stronger than the engineering one.

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  • Quantec  says:

    Hi, the sto academy converted all three ships not correct to v2 of the planner. There is nothing! Do you have a screenshot or are you working on the the builds for academyΒ΄s v2 skillplaner?

    • Profile photo of felisean felisean  says:

      thx for the report, we’re working on it πŸ™‚

  • Odan  says:

    I have a question about the skill tree, I have been looking at several skill trees for different ships I own all the skill trees are the same (that’s good)and fine with me, but my question is in the skill tree’s it’s built, Eng 9, Sci 10, Tac 27
    (for the 3 part Tac mastery)
    However I wanted to ask is the 3 part Tac mastery a necessity?
    Can I drop the team Frenzy ability and move 1 point from the tac tree to eng to make it a eng 10, sci 10, tac 26 or will this “break” how the build works?

    • Odan  says:

      Just to so this is in more detail I was thinking of moving 1 point from the Tactical Readiness set putting that to 2 points and moving the now extra 1 point to either Improved Warp core potential or Hull plating.
      Now if this is ok to do and won’t have too much of an effect on the builds dam or DPS which would be better?

    • Profile photo of felisean felisean  says:

      it wouldnt break it, but all 3 upgrades for the ultimate are extremly strong, one of those adds a 40% flat dmg buff to the 40% fire cycle haste it already has, the second one adds a bridge officer cd reduction which means that you have ALL your bridge officer abilities during the time its on the target and you shoot at the target on the shared cooldown from the abilities and the 3rd point allow all of these buffs to apply to all your allies (teammates, pets) too.

      basically you have around 5-6 points in the eng/sci part you could move around, only the 2 points eps and the 3 points long range targeting shouldnt be moved, all the others could be moved around πŸ™‚
      on fed ships as example, the energy skills arent that important at all and you should take only those with the highest effect πŸ™‚

  • Odan  says:

    Ok again I was just asking cause I am one of the people that like to round out the numbers where possible and I’m an engineer so its a bit difficult for me to get good dmg half of the time.

    I have tried running a full Skill tree in Sci (for the Crt Bonuses) and in Engineering 9For the plasma bonus) but I have no idea how to best round out the rest of the skill tree so another question for engineers do you have skill tree’s set up for sci mastery and engineer mastery on the site?

    • Profile photo of felisean felisean  says:

      Atm in the game you get the highest damage output with a full tactical build, followed by a full sci skill tree and the eng skill tree is yea… by far the weakest.
      Right now we have only the Tac focused builds here because of the highest potential dmg output there.
      Being a Eng or Sci doesnt mean that you need a full eng or sci skill tree, just choose the best one you could get. In a Sci based skilltree i would put 5 points into the eng line to get the battery buff from the choice selection and the rest into tactical to increase the dmg potential.

  • BlackwingDE  says:

    Hello, i looked in the Fleet Embassy but i can’t find the science consoles used in the build. The only modifiers i find are: CrtlX, Stealth, EPG, DrainX, Per and ShHeal. But in the build the science consoles have the modifier pFlow. I hope someone can help me ^^

    • Profile photo of felisean felisean  says:

      when its flow in the builds its drainx now, since they changed that some time ago with the skill revamp.

  • Terese  says:


    Anyone knows what this abbreviation means?: EptX CDR I can’t find the answer on STO-wiki πŸ™

    • Profile photo of felisean felisean  says:

      emergency power to X (x = weapons, shields, aux, engines) and CDR in that context would be cooldown reduction πŸ™‚

      check our list of short forms and the link at the bottom from that post too for more of them πŸ™‚
      click here: https://www.sto-league.com/short-forms/

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