Engle Mirror Escort Carrier

The Engle class mirror escort carrier is the latest addition to the infinity lockbox. It’s a versatile escort with a decent layout and a great experimental weapon. The starship trait is a pretty good alternative for those of us who have missed last year’s winter event ship or are flying carriers. 

Here’s our sample build: <<Build Link>>

If you are able to handle the additional speed boost the trilithium-laced weaponry set gives you, you should change the gamma set turret and console and use this set instead. 
Approaching Agony is a very cheap universal console that adds +15% Phaser damage and +1.5% CrtH. Use it instead of an expansive Lobi console. Hostile Aquisition is a cheap alternative to Weapon Sensor Enhancer. Directed Energy Modulation II is a good replacement for Recursive Shearing I. Try both and take the one that suits you more.

And some alternative layouts: 


A phaser cannon build useable for longer engagements. 



Another phaser build that is a bit more aggressive and faster. 2 Part quantum set for +15 Acc. 



A decent disruptor build with spiral waves. 



Instead of Recursive Shearing, you may use EPtW3 and add Eng Team I.  EPtS instead of EPtE for slower missions. FAW1 is used to trigger Superior Area Denial, two triggers make sense for fighter pets that tend to blow up more often. Just change it to Overload 1 to trigger more procs with the colony consoles. DRB can be switched to i.e. Sci Team 2, Vortex 2.



A setup that uses Photonic Officer for cooldown reductions. Also note the addition of rapid fire which works great against boss type NPCs. Our sample build uses Beta 1 and CRF2.


12 comments to Engle Mirror Escort Carrier

  • Casualsto  says:

    Why use the Tactical CC relay instead of the Hydro Compensator to make the 2 piece Counter Command Set Bonus? I mean is dropping a locator/colony better than dropping a universal console slot for hydro compensator?

    • Hellspawny  says:

      The Hydro just offers some buffs to stats we do not really need on this ship, while the multi-conduit energy relay also boosts kemocite-laced weaponry. We tend to drop tactical consoles first for better set / universal consoles. Loosing 2% CrtH and some disruptor / phaser damage doesn’t really hurt.

  • Hyunmoo Sirius  says:

    I discovered serious bug related to that ship : the amount of hull and shield heal of boff abilities on that ship is only one-third of ordinary heal amount.

    For instance, Engineering Team 1. On that ship=1923.8, The other ships=5771.3 (85 Point to Hull Restoration skill)

    So I reported that bug but I’m not sure when it will be fixed.

    Anyway, Thanks for the build. I slightly modified one of three and utilize it.

    • Hellspawny  says:

      I can confirm this bug, healing abilities are exactly one third of their normal values. Quite strange indeed.

      • Hyunmoo Sirius  says:

        Now that bug would be fixed on tomorrow.

  • Ndrew80  says:

    Great builds. I play sto on ps4 and although I utilised the complete setup on my Engle, I still don’t have 140 crit severity or 35 critical chance, I do have the accuracy but for whatever reason, my severity is only 127 and chance is 28, do you happen to know what the source of the difference can be? I have the spiral wave build. Consoles, traits, skill tree, rank 2 space abilities, everything is the same. I don’t have Jem’hadar boffs, just superior romulan tacticals, pirate Nausicaan and potato-head science and Dr. Brown engineer.

    • Hellspawny  says:

      My values are from a character with a full complement of superior Romulans plus T6 in all reputations.

  • bushcraft danmark  says:

    Bushcraft knives aren’t like any other knife.

    • Hellspawny  says:

      I prefer Leck’s Throwing Knives.

  • Chop-Block  says:

    Does Superior Area Denial’s -30 damage resistance benefit the whole team, or just the player with the trait?

    • felisean  says:

      the whole team. its a debuff on the enemy like an attack pattern beta 1.

  • Empty  says:

    Hi guys, I love this page and base my builds around these ones. I’ve recently got the Engle and it’s a beast. After some advice. I can’t seem to be able to go passed 130k DPS in ISA on any of my ships.

    The only things I don’t seem to have so far when looking at this build and others are the following
    Withering Barrage
    The Extensions traits for BO

    Which do you think I should aim for next?

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