Eli’s Exotic Eternal Science Vessel

(Screenshot by @e30ernest)

Hello everyone,

we’re proud to show you another build from one of our channel members. This time its an Exotic focused build from @e30ernest and he’s performing very well with it. So far he was able to break the 200k mark after season 13. If you have any questions, feel free to contact him ingame. And finaly, here is the build, enjoy!


P.s. Feel free to check out his video about the ship too: >>click<<

31 comments to Eli’s Exotic Eternal Science Vessel

  • peterconnorfirst  says:

    What a fascinating exotic build you made there Eli. Also great tutorial video which helped me a lot on my sci endeavors so far so big thanks. 🙂

    If you had to give a rough estimate, how much ISA DPS you gain over the temporal powers in S13? Or if you had to use something else instead, how much do you think you would get out of sci powers alone?

    • e30ernest  says:

      Hi Peter!

      First of all, thanks! I’m glad this/the video helped. 😀

      In terms of ISA DPS, this ship averages in the 120-140k in PUG L>R runs. Of that, I get about 15k average from temporal abilities (Entropic Redistribution 2, Channeled Deconstruction 1 and Timeline Collapse 1). About 20k or so in average come from weapons including their procs, of which majority comes from the PEPT clouds which gets between 7-10k on average.

      In comparison, my Pathfinder averages in the 110-120k range in PUG L>R runs. It’s consistent with the loss of Temporal Powers and buffs from the Support Configuration of the Eternal. There are also some interactions between Temporal abilities and general Exotic powers via Highly Specialized (which has a small EPG buff) and Exotic Modulation so there is some loss there too.

      I might try a few weapon-less runs again, but prior to S13, it was possible to break 100k without any weapons equipped on this build. It might still be possible, would be curious to see. 😀

      That 200k run was in a 4:1 PUG split with 2 friends (Florian and Proxmire) with Prox soloing right while Florian and I handled left. It was all on a whim (we generally do not want to do PUG splits because it disrupts other players) and more of a “we’re bored, lets see if we can break 200k in a split. We were lucky to get it on the first run. I think with some practice and a better 4th or 5th member, 220-230k is doable.

  • Shmendrick  says:

    Nice Build and i copy it on my Fed Sci,i get more and more the Feeling Beams getting useless on a Sci.

    Is Torp Spread any Choice on that Build?Or the Torps run for Just get the Crit Sev Prog and would be the beam Doffs not better?

    • whicky1978  says:

      He is not using any tac to make room for more exotic abilities. He is using doffs that give CrtD to torps.

  • whicky1978  says:

    My hat is off to you. This is the most exotic build I have seen.

  • whicky1978  says:

    This appears to be a balanced skill tree 😁. I’ve been looking for a balance skill tree. I plan to get this ship during the holiday sale.

  • z00t  says:

    This is a super advanced version of what I used to use in a T5 Wells. I absolutely adore it and have copied it practically piece of piece. This is a work of space magic art if you have the accessibility of components.

  • Slymmy  says:

    How do you run a temp tech ability in a non temp seat?

    • Slymmy  says:

      Tac ability sorry autocorrect

      • felisean  says:

        not sure what you mean there, since eli’s build doesnt use tac abilities at all.

        and the temporal abilities are all in the dedicated temporal slots 🙂

  • Rykus83  says:

    I’m trying this build out and I’m still grinding stuff out so I can’t afford the Superior Astrophysicist were do I obtain the normal version? I’m a science fed captain if that helps.

    • felisean  says:

      thats a basic trait. in case you dont have it already your race might not have that one.

  • Rykus83  says:

    ok ty that didn’t don on me 🙂

  • Steve  says:

    Does this build still use 2 science krenim bridge officers for cool downs, like previous versions?

    • peterconnorfirst  says:

      I think the presented build uses “Peak Efficiency” & “Highly specialized” starship traits to manage cooldowns. 🙂

  • Shmendrick  says:

    Eli´s Build got some Updates from other People.

    2 Krenim BO´s(Sci+Tac) 1 Kentari

    This is how I Update it

    On Split Run drop Gamma Console out and put a Isometric Charge in.

    Atm on fast Runßs the Temporal BO get more and more Useless.

    • Steve  says:

      Wow that is massively different! Why the tac krenim, when the only tac is double torp spread? Borg eng?

  • Shmendrick  says:

    Im runnning 2 Torp Spread,Optional i Fly T6 Verne (Wells),so Krenim Helps to get CD lower.Borg Engie i use.Didnt think u need a Engie Krenim on that spot.

    Another Good Option is the Fleet Version of the Nautilus,but Verne is same layout and Stats.So u can chose about a Zen or EC Ship.

    Update Change to Weps will come with 3 Piece Set from Home Weekly.

    Need to find out a way atm to get all Items in the Ship,2 many Items Console Options atm for a Sci on Sets.

  • Steve  says:

    Already got the Eternal, brought the pack as wanted the Chronos for another character.
    Suprised about the quantum phase as it’s more drain, than exotic.
    Is the nausican engineer not meta any more then?
    My sci character is only level 33 & I’m on console, so I have a bit of time to decide.

  • Shmendrick  says:

    Never used a Nausi BO so dont know,its just 1,5% more DMG.I use the Potato head from Mission.

  • Nic  says:

    What would you change uo about the build to use on a annorax?

  • Shmendrick  says:

    Nothing realy,u didnt have a Temporal hybrid BO.Temporal Abilitys are good,but thats not alle.

  • Shmendrick  says:


  • Grand Admiral Tyken  says:

    What would be a good replacement for the auxiliary ejection assembly if you are running a Fed Character?

  • Dues  says:

    What’s a good substitute for the Auxiliary Ejector Assembly? I don’t have the Kelvin Connie and it’s current price is out of reach for me

    • Josuha Altair  says:

      If you have Constriction Anchor and Delphic Tear console, equip them both.
      Also, if you haven’t Auxiliary Ejection Assembly console which comes from Kelvin Connie (OR Console Pack if you’re either KDF or Rom), You could equip other consoles enhancing EPG for now.

  • Casualsto  says:

    In the sci slots, you should have four [epg][ctrlx] consoles and the Temporal Disentanglement Suite. (If you can’t afford that console).

    If you want something different in that slot, you could experiment with the assimilated module. It’a a free 10-11 crtd and 22-25 ctrlx alongside with +5 weapon power.

  • Ross  says:

    Not sure if anyone is still checking this since I’m quite late to the party.
    I’m just curious though, because of the modifier consolidation on the Sci consoles, for the Restorative Particle Focuser consoles I know I now would want [CtrlX] [EPG] versions as those replaced +PartGen +GravGen but I’m curious as to which of the two I want.
    Is it the +21.3 Exotic +31.9 Control, or is it the +31.9 Exotic +21.3 Control?
    I’m leaning toward the second one but just would like confirmation on that.

    • felisean  says:

      this build is pretty old. if you prefere informations more up to date, check out our https://www.sto-league.com/science-ships-in-the-current-century/ guide 🙂

      • Ross  says:

        Thanks man, I’d been looking at this one just because I already own this ship and the other one is pretty heavily focused on the Verne class (which I refused to spend 150 bucks for) or the Lukari ship (which I’m still about 2 months away from having the colony holding T5 for, because dilithium…).
        Though that build page did answer the question I had about the consoles and my initial thought was correct that higher exotic is the preference.
        I’ll need to try and come up with some sort of hybrid of the two so I can work around the BOFF slotting the Eternal has. The starship traits in the other build make more sense given the newer information.

        • felisean  says:

          the build/gear used does not change much at all from the example in the post i’ve linked.
          like i said, this one is pretty much outdated and i would not recommend to use that one but adept the suggestions from the other post to your ship. in case you need help with that, feel free to join our discord and ask in the epg chan there 😉

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