CptHandsomeJacks Season 13 Build

(CptHandsomeJacks Ship, Screenshot by @blunthogcpt)

Hello everyone,

We’re proud to publish the Season 13 approved build from one of our channel members,  CptHandsomeJack aka @blunthogcpt. He was able to achive 185k DPS (5/7/2017) and with that the #2 in our ISA Season 13 table.
And here is the shipbuild for you:

In case there are any questions about the build, feel free to contact him ingame 🙂

8 comments to CptHandsomeJacks Season 13 Build

  • Kate  says:

    Love it,thanks Jack!!

  • 0850  says:

    hiho, thanks for the build.
    mind filling in doffs ? 🙂

    • felisean  says:

      they are listed in the notes 🙂

      • whicky1978  says:

        I managed to get the green weapon officsr doffs for a bargain in comparison. There are Crit Severity and Crit Chance varities. Kemocite training alot cheaper now on the exchange.

  • whicky1978  says:

    My disruptor build seems to have the highest DPS for me as well. I have coalition disruptors are of a rarity and don’t seem to do as well as my higher rarity disruptors with pen mods Crt D x 2(rare vs ultra rare).

    I use Starbase 234 ( normal difficulty ) to test my builds. It takes about 14K dps to completed within the five minutes.

    • whicky1978  says:

      as a sidenote I have not tested my coalition disruptors since season 13

      • felisean  says:

        you should take infected space advanced to test your dps, since its the common testing ground we all use for it so it would be easier to compare:)

        • whicky1978  says:

          True. Sometimes I’m in a hurry 😁.

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