Assault Cruiser (T5 and T6)

(screenshot by @Morishita, winner of our Screenshot Contest)


Here are our suggestions for several versions of the famous Assault Cruiser:

If there are any questions or suggestions, feel free to talk with us here or ingame!

12 comments to Assault Cruiser (T5 and T6)

  • Paris  says:

    I bought ship for my Eng Fed-Klingon and looking for good DPS build with torpedos.

    • felisean  says:

      If you want to add a torpedo, remove 2 points from defensive maneuvering and 1 point from targeting expertise and put them into torpedos.
      As a torpedo skill i would change tactical team or kemocite for a torp spread or high yield 1, depend a bit on the torpedo you’re planing to use.

      dps wise, a full beam ship is normaly stronger than a build with one torpedo..

  • Jay  says:

    so no torpedos on a T6 Alita assault? I have two( one fore and aft) running Antiproton only throughout should I drop the torps for and readjust to full antipolaran/beam damage?

    • felisean  says:

      DPS wise it would be better yes. But as long you dont want to hunt records or so you could use 2 torpedos too, its just not as good as using a full beam setup

      • Jay  says:

        yeah I’m noticing that things tend to be dead before my torps hit them.. I just repec’d to add the tac tree for torps; its just so much more satisfying and ‘Star Trek’ to use torps watch them hit my target and it goes ‘boom’..I hope they get some love moving forward I use them as much as I can. I play as an Engineer

        My ship crew tac skills are high yield I and II (always up when available) [email protected] 1, overcharge beams II, and the canon ability II to make them shoot faster. LOTS of fun, at some point I’ll play a Science officer and try out a Sci ship

        • felisean  says:

          Oh torpedos are not that bad at all. The problem is that its normaly better not to mix beams, cannons and torpedos.

          and beam overload (i guess thats what you’re using) is pretty bad. faw is even for singeltargets the better choice (just use 2 copys of faw) in addition with attack pattern beta

  • Pepe  says:

    You are retarded to think dropping torpedos for all beams gives you more DPS, The DPS rating on all the torpedos are not accurate because it does not take into to account the kinetic damage. You are losing DPS by dropping torpedos. You have to have a weapon that does kinetic damage. Especially when you fight against enemies that drop Aceton Drones around you. Only a weapon with Kinetic damage can defeat a Aceton Drone.

    • felisean  says:

      Just not true. But in case you wanna use a torpedo, feel free.
      In general the lower your dps is, the better a torp is normaly.
      Right now, the only really useful torpedo is the nausicaan one from the episodes in combination with the beam and console for the 3 piece set while using torp spread for it. Since this torpedo get boosted from all your consoles too, it will give you decent numbers at the end, normaly equal to a beam.

      And for the aceton drones, stay out of range when they explode or use something else (grav well as example).

      • voniatko  says:

        what about a quantum phase torpedo (with 2pc its quantum transfer dg is significant), regularly gives 20K (which is more then a single beam) – 10k torp spread, 10k quantum transfer

        • voniatko  says:

          not to mention it helps to strip shields like crazy

          • felisean  says:

            sure it could work well, main problem is that you cant boost your torpedo dmg and your energy weapon dmg at the same time. but if it works for you why not. and especially the quantum phase torpedo is pretty strong with the aoe shield drain 😉

            but to compare that, in my record run as example, each normal array did 30k dps while my terran task did 50k 😉

    • Hellspawny  says:

      @Pepe: What a brilliant comment. How many enemies actually drop aceton drones? And what about science skills like Grav Well, Subspace Vortex… or ramming speed? But sure, we must be retarded to ignore the incredible dps of torpedos.

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