Allied Pilot Escorts T6

(Screenshot by @lewsimm, thanks!)

Hello guys,

here are our suggestions for the Allied Pilot Escorts. All builds are for the changes after Season 13. All ships are non-a2b builds, since the boff-layouts aren’t that great for a2b builds. Enjoy!


KDF and Rom:
The ships are similar to the Fed builds, just choose the Science, Engineering or Tactical Escort 🙂

For the Experimental Weapons: The Protomatter Experimental Weapon is slightly stronger than the Voice of Prophets, feel free to use it instead of the Voice.
For KDF Toons and KDF alligned Romulans you could use the Disruptor Quad Cannon too. Feds could use the Kumari Wing Cannons and if they want the Phaser Quad Cannons.
Timeline Stabilizer could be used for the Cannon ships too, maybe instead of a locator or the 2 piece undine set bonus.
Promise of Ferocity is a great trait too and could be used instead of Honored Dead if you want more offensive traits. KDF and KDF alligned Romulans might use Shield Overload + Emergency Power to Shields instead of Honored Dead as defensive trait.

In case there are questions or suggestions, feel free to ask us ingame or below this post or show us your attemp on these ships!

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9 comments to Allied Pilot Escorts T6

  • peterconnorfirst  says:

    Hey folks!

    To this date, would you guys estimate the Protomatter Experimental Weapon to be best of its kind for general PvE energy builds? 🙂

    • felisean  says:

      Right now yes. it performs slightly better than the other choices. next best would be proton charge, railgun and voice of prophets

  • Casualsto  says:

    I gotta ask.
    Running with one copy of Photonic Officer (30 cd red for one minute, then another minute without the reduction) would be as viable as running an aux2batt?

    Would an aux2batt build at the cost of swapping EpTW3 for eptW1 (6% bonus energy weapon damage) worth for the global cd reductions? Or is there a viable manner to achieve global cd on the tac skills with the competitive engines and photonic officer 1?

    • Hellspawny  says:

      Actually PO in combination with the rep engine, tac ini and some points in the readiness skill is good enough to keep your cooldowns low enough, at least in short missions. The downside is it’s one minute on, one minute off. Aux2Bat / Coldhearted / Controlled Countermeasures on the other hand is gives you cd reduction, a great debuff and a damage boost with the loss of aux power as it’s only downside.

      For some the pilot escorts Aux2Bat is not the best option, so PO is included in our sample builds.

  • Casualsto  says:

    Thanks! So PO is for short-encounter style like ISA with premade team and aux2batt would suit a more prolonged encounter better. Triggering Coldhearted is also via pilot skills, so a2b isn’t the only option.
    Is a non PO, not a2b build with global cooldown for boff skills an achievable goal?

    • felisean  says:

      actually as a tac you could cycle tactical initiative and photonic officer. in addition you have the cd reduction from strategist and focused frenzy, but its way more difficult to maintain that propperly than just pressing a2b every 10 seconds ^^

  • Casualsto  says:

    It does make alot of sense. So cycling Tac initiative and PO would be still an alternative to the a2b, given the fact that I got one point in tactical readiness and the Tac Competitive engines? I’m trying to vary my builds as much as I can, so I’d be interested in making a pilot ship viable without a2b. Even just for sport. PO, then TI, then PO is ready again, then as it wears off, TI is available again? (Presuming for EPTW and EptS/E I use 3x DCE). ?

    • felisean  says:

      for that i would suggest using 3 points tac readiness (27 points tactree ftw!!)

      but in general it should work with those yes

  • Drak  says:

    Anyone have a build for antiproton duel beam banks build I’m trying to get the max dps but I’m still new and don’t know what would benefit a build like this anyone have any tips using the tactical version of this ship

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