aeley’s Fleet Ar’kif Cannon build

(Screenshot by @Aeley)

Hi everyone!

My build for the record run:

And my general mission build:


I didn’t make a lot of changes for the record run.  There are a handful of changes I could make to improve the score further (in theory, at least), although most would require spec changes, and I still mostly use this ship for general missions (for which I like the specs how they are).

I’d like to bring up single cannons.  Pre-rebalance, when I was trying to break 250 with cannons, I came across a ‘critical mass’ with dual cannons/dual heavy cannons, wherein each additional cannon was merely cannibalizing damage from the rest.  There was more damage in the arc than was ultimately usable.  I switched the cannonscimi over to a terran/wide-arc/3 singles build, which is what I used to hit 287k in a LR, and 308k in a split.

While the damage mechanics have changed, the mechanics of scatter volley have not, and anything short of a team basically ‘setting up the pins’ for a huge grav-well pile of spheres (which I had on my S14 run, thanks again, guys!), will probably still be better handled by a build with at least a couple single cannons.  Well, at least when we’re talking 200k+.

Vid of the run, if you’d like:

Also recommended:  Remember to use your alpha when going for your record.



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One comment to aeley’s Fleet Ar’kif Cannon build

  • Hyunmoo Sirius  says:

    I cannot use Alpha since I’m sci career lol

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