aeley’s Fleet Ar’kif Cannon build

(Screenshot by @Aeley)

Hi everyone!

My build for the record run:

And my general mission build:


I didn’t make a lot of changes for the record run.  There are a handful of changes I could make to improve the score further (in theory, at least), although most would require spec changes, and I still mostly use this ship for general missions (for which I like the specs how they are).

I’d like to bring up single cannons.  Pre-rebalance, when I was trying to break 250 with cannons, I came across a ‘critical mass’ with dual cannons/dual heavy cannons, wherein each additional cannon was merely cannibalizing damage from the rest.  There was more damage in the arc than was ultimately usable.  I switched the cannonscimi over to a terran/wide-arc/3 singles build, which is what I used to hit 287k in a LR, and 308k in a split.

While the damage mechanics have changed, the mechanics of scatter volley have not, and anything short of a team basically ‘setting up the pins’ for a huge grav-well pile of spheres (which I had on my S14 run, thanks again, guys!), will probably still be better handled by a build with at least a couple single cannons.  Well, at least when we’re talking 200k+.

Vid of the run, if you’d like:

Also recommended:  Remember to use your alpha when going for your record.



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4 comments to aeley’s Fleet Ar’kif Cannon build

  • Hyunmoo Sirius  says:

    I cannot use Alpha since I’m sci career lol

  • Casualsto  says:

    Is there a chance this build gets an update to speed for S15/AoD?

  • Lincoln  says:

    I’ve switched the toon to the KDF HEC, basically the same ship but better suited to A2B. That means small tweaks like dropping the disentanglement, aux configs, etc. Instead of 70 to Aux it’s 70 to engines. Fastest ship I’ve ever flown.

    …Mixed results, mind you.

  • Casualsto  says:

    Missing on target adjustments comes to mind at 75+ engine power, on an escort, running a2b and competitive engines trigger on firing modes…

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