Acidpresleys Season 13 Build

(Screenshot by @acidpresley)


Hello everyone,

we’re happy of being able to publish the build from @acidpresley. He was able to use his build for the first 160k DPS result after the Season 13 release. In addition, he managed to break the 200k barrier as the first person. With all these achivements and a highest result of 208k (4/29/2017) he achieved rank 1 in our Season 13 table. Congratulations for those results.
And here is the build he used, enjoy:

If there are any questions, feel free to contact him (@acidpresley) ingame.

12 comments to Acidpresleys Season 13 Build

  • Ranzik  says:

    what are the power setting used

    • Hellspawny  says:

      We normally use 100/15/15/30 for our warbirds to maximize weapon and exotic damage (and Nukara T4 traits).

  • whicky1978  says:

    because I have Nukara traits I try to maximize my auxiliary power levels with my BOFF aux powers. sometimes I wonder if I should boost weapon power? I runn 100 50/25/75 power scheme (with bonuses). Among my toons I am using thr solenae set, Dyson set, iconian set and romulan space set.

    • felisean  says:

      eptw (as high as possible in case theres nothing more important which is mostly not the case) is a must have for every energy weapon build. but eptw+epta is one of the possibilities to run there. for this you just need to make sure that you could use your eptw copy every 30 seconds again.

      • whicky1978  says:

        this would be a possibility I could spam a EPTW and regular auxiliary batteries or vice versa. I think I’ve been shorting myself. One toon I run a2b with epta and aux batteries with Technician doffs but this has not improved or lowered my DPS significantly.

        • felisean  says:

          with a2b its absolutly no problem to maintain 2 different emergency power to x abilities. so eptw 3 as example and epta 1 in combination with 2x a2b 1 would be a good choice

  • whicky1978  says:

    I did notice that when emergency power shares a cool down with the other and I don’t activate together if they are different powers like weapons or e auxiliary. does anybody here know how auxiliary power FX the disentanglement suite? how much auxiliary power does it take to get to maximum benefit? May not be worth having 125 power aux level if it maxes out 100.

    • felisean  says:

      you have a 15 sec shared cd between 2 different copies of emergency power to x abilities. each of them will run for 30 seconds => you could cycle 2 of them (eptw+epts/e/a) all the time.

      basically you will always drain all your aux so your aux will never be that high (ok for 10 seconds maybe), the main effect of a2b is the cd reduction part.

      • whicky1978  says:

        do you know exactly how much auxiliary power it takes to get the maximum effect of the disentanglement suite console? how much auxiliary power would it take to get the maximum effect to the console? I can’t seem to find this anywhere on the Internet.

        • felisean  says:

          the more aux the higher the effect if i’m correct. or it was 125 hm, cant really test it atm 🙂

          • whicky1978  says:

            I have figured this out looking at the ships stats. The max is 100 aux power level for 2.5 crit chance. 50 aux level has 1.3 with the disentanglement suite console. This is helpful information! 😁

  • Scorpion  says:

    I run the same ship, different consoles tho and weapons… Actually working on a new setup now but my highest hit with tetryon was 187k whilst running thrust on every dual beam bank lmao, complete mistake

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